3 Roadside Georgia Oddities

Cagle Castle

When I feel I need to spruce up a particularly dull road trip, my go-to source is RoadsideAmerica.com where I can find any sort of strange or hilarious roadside attraction I desire, complete with descriptions, traveler tips, and directions of how to get there. Even when I’m not on a road trip and I have a weekend to spare, I’ll check Roadside America for some oddball attraction that’s near me. Here are three roadside peculiarities just north of Atlanta:

Cagle Castle – Alpharetta, GA

Cagle Castle

Cagle Castle is an impressive private residence located off of Hwy 140 in Alpharetta. The castle was built in the 1960s and 70s and features turrets, a moat that is the continuation of the backyard swimming pool, and 3 drawbridges. The entry gates are adorned with over-sized garden gnomes, and more gnomes and clownish figures can be seen decorating the property.

As this is a private residence, stick to the sidewalks for picture-taking. There is a dirt turn off on the side street where you can park your car without blocking traffic.

Eastern Continental Divide Monument – Duluth, GA

Eastern Continental Divide Monument

On the Town Green of Duluth sits a small obelisk with a dividing line down the middle and arrows pointing out on either side; water on one side of the dividing line flows to the Atlantic Ocean, while water on the other flows to the Gulf of Mexico. That’s all there really is to it.

Twisted Guy – Norcross, GA

Twisted Guy

Twisted Guy is a homemade, hillbilly version of a Muffler Man. Though he cannot be truly classified as a Muffler Man, poor thing, he serves the same purpose – attracting attention to his business. Twisted Guy stands on a pedestal at 4600 Buford Hwy in front of an auto salvage yard. Our GPS was about half a mile off at pinpointing his location for some reason, but I spotted him waving at us as we passed him by and we were able to turn around and give him a closer look.



What’s the oddest roadside attraction you’ve stopped at? Tell me about it in the comments!


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