Georgia Hikes: Pine Mountain Trail

Pine Mountain Summit

The Pine Mountain Trail just outside of Cartersville, GA offers stunning summit views of Lake Allatoona and the surrounding North Georgia mountains.

Pine Mountain Trail

Just 40 miles outside of Atlanta, the Pine Mountain Trail West trailhead begins just off of I-75 Exit 288. The full trail is a double loop, making a figure-eight. The mountain’s summit can be accessed by a trail that branches off of the center of the East and West trail. The most direct route to the summit is by taking a right on the West Loop.

Pine Mountain Summit

The trail climbs elevation quickly through a series of switchbacks. It is about a 1 mile hike on the West Loop to the summit. On the Summit Trail you’ll pass through a picturesque pine forest before the trees clear to show a rocky peak. At the summit, Allatoona Lake is visible just below the ridge, nestled between the North Georgia hills. On a clear day, you may be able to see the Atlanta skyline on the horizon, but as we hiked on a rainy day our view was limited but still stunning.

Pine Mountain Summit

To hike the full figure-eight, retrace the Summit Trail and then turn right onto the East Past, passing a large pile of rocks on your way to the East Loop. The East Loop is about 2 miles of creek valley hiking. Take a right on the West Loop to descend the trail through granite outcroppings. The full double loop hike is 4.5 miles.



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2 thoughts on “Georgia Hikes: Pine Mountain Trail

  1. There are so many hikes that I like that its hard to chose! One of favorites is Panther Creek Falls. The trail is a good length, about 7 miles which is on the longer side of what I usually hike. There is some elevation change, but there are also long stretches of flat. The best part is the falls. They are so pretty with a big pool at the bottom to splash around in. It is a good hike for in the summer.


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