Costa Rican Wildlife

Howler Monkey Costa Rica

On our recent trip to Costa Rica, my boyfriend and I came across a ton of wildlife, plenty of which we weren’t prepared to see (climbing all over our porch in the middle of the night). If you want to know what kind of wildlife you might come across on your next Costa Rica vacation, read on!

Howler Monkeys

Howler Monkey Costa Rica

We saw these monkeys on our zip line adventure through the trees. The zip line guides scraped some metal against the metal of the zip line posts to agitate the monkeys and let us hear how they howl. And boy can those little monkeys howl: Their howl can travel three miles through dense rainforest.

Spider Monkeys

This was a rare find on our horseback ride through the mountains as our guides didn’t expect us to see any. Smaller than the howler monkey, the spider monkey is considered the most intelligent species of monkey and typically bark or scream. I didn’t get a good look at this monkey since my horse was determined to push through and was stopping for no monkey.


Coatimundi Costa Rica

Coatimundi : D Coetzee / Flickr

A member of the raccoon family, this was our friend who got onto our porch in the middle of the night. They’re about the size of a large house cat with elongated noses and long tails. I’m also pretty sure I heard the little guy thunk against our sliding glass door because he was trying to get inside and watch TV with us.


Even raccoons make their appearance in Costa Rica. We were startled half to death our first night at the resort due to one of these bandits scampering across our path. In a couple seconds, another raccoon followed and they dashed off into the night, and though they had gone out into an open field we weren’t able to find them to confirm what we had seen. But then our third night there, there the raccoons were lounging nonchalantly by the pool.

Spotted Skunk

Do you find skunks adorable when they run across your feet in the middle of dinner? Somehow despite the fact this dinner guest was uninvited, the spotted skunk was still a very cute animal. Just 16 inches long, this furry little thing is slender with two stripes and two spots on the sides of his butt. The skunk is nocturnal, and this particular one must have been familiar with the resort and used to people because with all of his scampering he didn’t cause any problems but some startled feet.


Lizards Costa Rica

Lizards galore! We found these scaly friends all over our resort. There were small ones on the walkways and large ones sunbathing in the grass, and then there was the very large spiny tailed iguana in the tree. The spiny tailed iguana is so named because of black, keeled scales on their tails. They’re the largest of their kind and are the fastest species of lizard, but this one was content to chill in the tree all day; he was there when we went to the beach in the morning and he was still there when we went down to watch the sunset.



Run into any Costa Rican wildlife? Tell me about it in the comments!


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