Wild Adventures in Valdosta

Wild Adventures Theme Park

What do you get when you combine roller coasters, thrill rides, tigers, and bears? You get Wild Adventures!

Wild Adventures Theme Park

Wild Adventures Theme Park

Wild Adventures Theme ParkWild Adventures Theme Park is a 170-acre zoological theme park in Valdosta, GA. The park has 8 roller coasters, tons of thrill rides, exotic animals, Splash Island water park, and concerts throughout the year. The park also features other attractions like mini golf, holiday theme attractions, and currently an exploration of dinosaurs. This park is a favorite of my boyfriend, and since it’s part of my Bear Bucket List, we had to make the trip down to South Georgia.

Kent and Dawn Buescher started the Wild Adventures on a plot of farm land outside of Valdosta, Georgia in 1996. The park began as a small petting zoo, but rides were added in 1998. In 2003, Wild Adventures opened the Splash Island waterpark, which has been the park’s largest expansion and includes several water slides and attractions. Parts of the ending to the 2009 movie Zombieland were filmed at Wild Adventures as the park where the undead cornered the main characters.

Since this is a small amusement park, you’ll never have to wait in long lines like those of Six Flags or Disney World. The most we had to wait was an extra couple minutes for the front of the ride. And since there are only 8 roller coasters, it’s not difficult to try them all in a single day. The rest of the thrill rides are more numerous and would be harder to complete a full round of, but luckily the park gives you a free consecutive day when you buy a ticket, so you can come back for a second day of fun.

Wild Adventures Theme Park

This means we were also able to come back for a second day when we missed seeing the bears on day 1. Wild Adventures is home to two black bears who must have been staying in out of the heat because even on our day 2 we only barely saw one bear venture out a short distance before going back into his bear den. But the important thing is that we did get to see a bear!



What’s your favorite amusement park? Let me know in the comments!


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