Georgia Hikes: Tray Mountain Summit

Tray Mountain Summit

Check off “hiking part of the Appalachian Trail” from your bucket list with this short hike to the summit of Tray Mountain.

Tray Mountain Summit Trail

After our ride on the Tray Mountain Road Jeep trail, we hiked the short, half a mile, trail up to the summit of Tray Mountain. There’s a parking area at the base of the trail that you can get to from a gravel road, no need for off-roading, just access Tray Mountain Road from GA 75. The gravel road is well-maintained and an easy drive for any type of car.

This is one of the most popular hiking spots in Georgia as it is part of the Appalachian Trail and has an incredible view. From the summit, you can continue on a 5 mile hike to Indian Grave Gap and back to hike more of the AT from here, but we opted for this simple 1 mile total hike.

Tray Mountain Summit

The trail begins by gaining elevation quickly through a series of switchbacks. About halfway through the hike is a scenic resting point where you can sit on a rock cropping and look out over the mountains through a break in the trees. The trail continues upward at about the same pace as before. When you near the summit, you’ll pass through a tunnel of arching trees my boyfriend refers to as the hobbit hole.

The summit is wide open exposed rock. If the texture were smoother, you could lay out and sun up there. The surrounding trees aren’t very tall and have plenty of gaps for you to sit and take in the views. We timed this perfectly with the changing seasons and got to experience bright blue skies and patches of bright oranges and reds among the green of the trees.



Have you hiked the Appalachian Trail? Let me know about it in the comments!


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