Atlanta’s 1st Chinese Lantern Festival

Atlanta Chinese Lantern Festival

The past week was your last chance to see the Atlanta Chinese Lantern Festival. In case you missed it, here’s a little something to inspire you to catch it on its next go-around: 

Atlanta Chinese Lantern Festival

Centennial Olympic Park came alive this holiday season with Atlanta’s first ever Chinese Lantern Festival featuring 25 handcrafted lanterns,  a three-story pagoda, and a 200-foot-long Chinese dragon. The Georgia World Congress Center unveiled the event on December 9 and it ran until January 15, giving Atlantans an introduction to Chinese culture just before Chinese New Year celebrations begin on January 28.

An Authentic Cultural Experience

Atlanta Chinese Lantern Festival

The festival is reflective of traditional Chinese New Year celebrations. The lanterns were designed and built by local artists in Zigong, a small town in southwest China. The larger pieces, like the dragon, were designed in Zigong and built and hand painted in Atlanta. Each elaborate display tells a story of ancient and modern Chinese life and features a sign explaining the cultural significance of the design. The festival offers an immersive experience with live performances of acrobatics, dancers, theatre and craftsmen.

The Atlanta Chinese Lantern Festival was organized by Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc., which aims to bring China to the world through traveling cultural displays. Their upcoming festivals include Syracuse, NY and Nashville, TN, so be sure to not miss out!



Where will you celebrate the Chinese New Year? Let me know in the comments!


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