A Short Trip to South Carolina

Tillman Hall, Clemson University

What’s better than a spontaneous road trip? When Kevin and I found ourselves near the South Carolina border, we decided to take a little detour so that I could add South Carolina to the list of states I’ve traveled to: 

After our hike at Tallulah Gorge, I was a little surprised to find how close we were to the state border. I hadn’t driven, so of course I hadn’t actually looked at a map until we were searching for places close by for dinner. And when Kevin found a diner that was an hour away, our first assumption was that it was back toward Atlanta, but then we saw that it was in Clemson. So since I had never been to South Carolina and we’re young and crazy, we figured why not drive an hour to Clemson to get dinner? (Besides, we drive an hour to get dinner in Atlanta all the time any way, and that’s only to get a few miles. This at least was a reasonable hour drive.)

Paw’s Diner

Paw's Diner in Clemson, South Carolina

Paw’s Diner is a seat-yourself Clemson University-themed diner with a kind and attentive waitstaff that call you “honey” and “sweetie” like a good Southern establishment should. It has delicious food in heaping portions for a very cheap price, so you would expect that it would be flocked with college kids, but it wasn’t on this Saturday evening. I got the chicken melt with mac and cheese, fries, and blackberry cobbler fresh from the oven, and my picture really doesn’t do it justice.

Hours: M-Sat 6 am – 9 pm

10920 Clemson Blvd, Seneca, SC 29678

Clemson University

Tillman Hall, Clemson University

Since we did come all this way, we figured we should see Clemson University, a sprawling college founded in 1889. We drove past their impressive football stadium and came across a couple 8-foot long aluminum “paper airplane” art sculptures before seeking out Tillman Hall, the university’s clock tower and signature building. Built the same time the university was constructed, the building contains an auditorium and the Carillon and overlooks Military Heritage Plaza, Bowman Field and Carillon Gardens.

But that’s all we had time to see as it was beginning to get dark, so we made the drive back to Atlanta content with our spontaneous road trip.



What should I see next time I visit South Carolina? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “A Short Trip to South Carolina

  1. When you come to unicoi- most of the family can tell you a lot about atlanta-starting in the 40’s. john lives at the beltline. Uou mudt see phantom of opra at fox-and do a tour of fox


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