What You Need to Shoot the Hooch

Shoot the Hooch

It’s summer in Atlanta, and that can only mean one thing — it’s time to Shoot the Hooch! We have evolved since our Shoot the Hooch adventure last year. This time, we embarked without the help of an outfitter, which means we had to gather the essentials ourselves. And after going tubing practically every weekend so far this summer, we’ve become plenty prepared. So here’s everything you’ll need to set out on the Chattahoochee yourself: 

Shoot the Hooch

Shoot the Hooch Packing List

  • Gotta have a tube! Kevin and I have been using this River Run double tube because then we are never separated from each other and it comes with a built-in cooler!
  • An Electric Air Pump or two for blowing up the tubes quickly so you can get on the river already!
  • One life jacket for each person because it’s the law! You don’t have to wear it on most parts of the river, but you do have to have it accessible on the river. We just clip them to the ropes around our tubes.
  • A Floating Wrist Strap for your phone, just in case it goes overboard.
  • And of course a waterproof phone case if your phone isn’t already waterproof.
  • A waterproof speaker so that you can jam out the whole way down the river.
  • Paddles come in handy if you get separated from your group, have to avoid river obstacles, or want to speed up your floating so you can get off the river.
  • The sun essentials: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.
  • If you’re like me and attract all the bugs, bug spray never hurts to have on hand.
  • Snacks are really great to have, especially if your river trip turns into full day activity.
  • Ice or ice packs, because although the river is cold, you want your drinks to be colder.
  • Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol – in plastic or aluminum cans, no glass or Styrofoam allowed. I have been reunited with Rekorderlig Cider since it has finally come to Atlanta, and I am in heaven.

Shoot the Hooch

Where to Launch

We’ve been launching from Don White Memorial Park and floating to Chattahoochee River Park. This usually takes around 2 hours. Once it took nearly 5 hours though, so it just depends on the rapids and on how often you anchor yourself.

We have to do a lot of switch-a-roos with our cars before launching because we always have a lot of people and a lot of floats that need inflating. So we end up bringing two cars to the start point and inflating the tubes using one battery powered and one car powered pump. The two drivers then head out for the end point, leaving one car there and bringing the other car back to the starting point. Don’t forget to bring keys and licenses in a Ziploc bag on the river!



What are your essentials for shooting the hooch? Let me know in the comments!
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