Zoo Atlanta’s Boo at the Zoo

Zoo Atlanta Boo at the Zoo

Zoo Atlanta’s annual Halloween festival returns with plenty of treats for the animals, kids, and kids at heart! 

Boo at the Zoo

Zoo Atlanta Boo at the Zoo

Zoo Atlanta‘s annual Boo at the Zoo is a family fun event where the kids can dress up and go trick-or-treating at the candy stations set up around the zoo. This popular event features costume contests, an inflatable corn maze, a party DJ playing the kids’ favorite songs, and appearances by storybook characters. This year even has special appearances by Stormtroopers and Star Wars characters.

The animals get to join in on the fun with pumpkin treats, which some are more interested in than others. The zoo is decked out with Halloween decorations, notably the Extinct Animal Graveyard, which aims to bring attention to the importance of conservation.

This weekend (October 28 and 29) are the last days of the event, which runs from 9:30 am to 3 pm. The event is included with regular admission.


Zoo Atlanta Panda Bears

Kevin and I have bought zoo memberships for all the bear time a girl could want, and fall is the perfect time to do this because cooler weather means panda playtime!

Since panda bears are native to the snowy mountains of China, the pandas love when it gets cooler here. The panda cubs Ya Lun And Xi Lun have been going outside almost every day now that the weather is cool. They get to wrestle and play and annoy their mother. The panda experts at Zoo Atlanta suggest getting to the zoo before 11 am because that’s when they bring the bears in for feeding and Lun Lun gets tired of being outside with their sibling shenanigans. After feeding, they’re usually tuckered out and take a nap in the day room.

Zoo Atlanta Panda Bears

Yang Yang however is happy to spend all his time outside alternating between eating and sleeping. Ah, the life of a panda bear.

The sun bears were also active when we went, once they’d properly woken up. They came all the way down to the glass partition to munch on the pumpkin, do some digging, oh and make friends with me of course!

Zoo Atlanta Sun Bears



What’s your favorite Halloween activity around Atlanta? Let me know in the comments!


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