Home of the World’s Largest Jukebox

World's Largest Jukebox

Where can you rock out to the world’s largest jukebox? Read more to find out! 

20ft Jukebox Now Playing in Downtown Huntsville

Attached to the outside of AM Booth’s Lumberyard and Sound Cell Recording Studios on Cleveland Avenue in downtown Huntsville stands a colorful 20-foot tall jukebox that began playing this past May. Don’t worry about having to stretch to reach the buttons — this jukebox uses infrared sensors to detect passers-by and selects a song randomly.

The giant jukebox was created by Lumberyard and Sound Cell owner Doug Smith. Inspired by Downtown Huntsville Inc.‘s call for downtown improvement ideas, Smith pulled out the jukebox frame he’d salvaged from Pride Home Entertainment’s facade after its 2013 fire. He repurposed the frame to create the 20-foot jukebox marking the Meridian Entertainment District.

The jukebox features 16 songs that have been recorded in North Alabama, so of course there are plenty of Muscle Shoals hits. At the top of the jukebox is a white 3D sculpture comprised of donated instruments. At night, these instruments light up in different colors.

The jukebox is more than just a well-crafted landmark of the area — it instantly engages you. It had us dancing along and goofing off in a heartbeat.



What’s your favorite Huntsville landmark? Let me know in the comments!


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