6 Things to Do and See in Douglas, GA

WWII Flight Training Museum

Get off the interstate and explore South Georgia! Draw a triangle between Savannah, Macon, and Valdosta, and in the middle you’ll find Douglas, Georgia, a charming southern town of 11,000 people. It’s perfect for a short stop on your next South Georgia roadtrip

WWII Flight Training Museum

The World War II Flight Training Museum and 63rd AAF Flying Training Detachment has a mouthful of a name and packs a lot into a small museum. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this contract pilot school enrolled 5,000 to 10,000 cadets between 1941 and 1944 for primary flying school where they were taught flying concepts and received hands-on experience. The instructors’ barracks have been converted into a two-room museum on the cadets, training, and facilities. You can walk around the 10-building campus, and you may be able to receive a guided tour of the two airplane hangers with restored planes. Admission is a requested $3 donation.

General Coffee State Park

General Coffee State Park

Located just 10 minutes outside of Douglas is General Coffee State Park. Named after US Congressman General John Coffee, General Coffee State Park covers 1,500 acres of park land with hiking trails, horse-back riding trails, campsites, a lake, and Heritage Farms with educational programming and farm animals. Admission to the park is a $5 parking pass fee.

Heritage Station Museum

Heritage Station Museum

The Heritage Station Museum is located in the old Georgia and Florida Railroad Depot that serviced passengers from 1907 to the mid-1980’s. In 1999, the depot was renovated and reopened as a museum that highlights Douglas’s railroad history and train memorabilia as well as exhibits on local military, agricultural, African-American history. Admission to the museum is a requested $1 donation per person.

Antique Shopping

Town Square Antique Mall

Douglas’s downtown area is known for its antique shops, like the Town Square Antique Mall, which holds a sprawling display of antique furniture, clothing, books, toys, jewelry, and more. There is no shortage of places to snag a deal when antique shopping in Douglas.

Shoppes at Tip Top

The Shoppes at Tip Top

The Shoppes at Tip Top in Downtown Douglas are a collection of local business located in a village behind the Tip Top Deli. These stores include clothing boutiques, gifts, antiques, galleries, and more.

Lone Hill Cemetery

Lone Hill Cemetery

If you like traipsing around cemeteries, like I do, Lone Hill Cemetery is a small, peaceful one. Established in 1848, the cemetery is the final resting place of many early settlers of the surrounding communities. It also has Georgia’s largest eastern redcedar tree, standing 57 feet tall with a limb span of more than 75 feet.

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What’s your favorite place to visit in South Georgia? Let me know in the comments!


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