Remembering the Holocaust – Anne Frank in The World: 1929-1945

Anne Frank in The World: 1929 - 1945

Tucked away in a shopping center in Sandy Springs is a moving exhibit exploring the world of Anne Frank and the consequences of the Holocaust. 

Anne’s Story

Anne Frank in The World: 1929 -1945 is a free photographic exhibit sponsored by the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust. Your self-guided tour begins with an introductory 28 minute film, “The Short Life of Anne Frank”, which tells Anne’s life story through quotes with classmates, family photographs, and the only video footage of Anne known to exist.

After the film, you are free to explore the rest of the quiet museum. When I visited, I was the only patron there for the majority of my visit until a young couple came in.

This exhibit explores the Holocaust story through the lens of one girl’s point of view, giving a human face to the travesty. In the over 500 photographs on display, the Frank family is shown enjoying their average daily lives in Germany and then in Holland, the family relaxing on the beach and spending time with one another in their home.

The photo journey then shifts to the new life for the Franks and millions of Jews: yellow stars, young children in Nazi uniforms, and newspaper clippings chronicling the events of the Holocaust.

At the end of the photo journey is a replica of Anne and her sister Margot’s bedroom, a replica of Anne’s roll top desk, and a trick bookcase like the one that led to the Frank’s annex hideaway. There is also a scale model of the annex where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis.

The exhibit goes beyond Anne even with the “Witness to the Holocaust” gallery, which features photographs taken by African-American Atlanta native and World War II veteran William Alexander Scott III. Scott recorded images of the liberation of Buchenwald in 1945, and those images are displayed here along with a sculpture series by artist Devorah Sperber.

Before you leave, you can choose at random one of a selection of slips of paper containing a quote from Anne Frank’s diary. The quote I chose shows a youthful girl full of dreams even in the midst of a terrible situation: “I have a crave for dancing and ballet at the moment, and practice dance steps every evening diligently…” Dated January 12, 1944, less than seven months before the family’s arrest.

Anne Frank in The World: 1929 – 1945 is open T-Th 10 am — 4 pm; F 10 am — 2 pm; and Sat-Sun 12 pm — 4 pm. Admission is free.



Been to the Anne Frank in The World exhibit? Share your quote and your thoughts below.


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