Gettin’ Tipsy at Atlanta’s Urban Tree Cidery

Urban Tree Cidery

It’s all fun and games – and booze – at Urban Tree Cidery, Atlanta’s first cidery. This past weekend, my family came to town so we did what all the best families do on a Saturday afternoon – pre-dinner cider flights. 

My parents and brother came to town so that Kevin, Ryne, and Dad could have a boys’ night at the Braves game on Friday and Mom and I could fail to get pedicures (we went flower shopping instead). So Saturday that meant Sibling Shenanigans! Except with the whole family, so Family Shenanigans!

Atlanta’s First Cidery

If you’re looking for Urban Tree Cidery, you’ll find it “by the lamp place on Howell Mill.” Apparently the lamp store is just that memorable because when Kevin describes the cidery’s location to his Georgia Tech friends, they know exactly where he’s talking about. On the side of the building “Urban Tree Cidery” is written in white letters on an eye-catching red background, and below that the gray mural reads “Drapes & More, Lamp Arts, Lower Level” with an arrow pointing around and down.

The decor is farm-inspired reds and browns, with simple wooden tables and brightly colored industrial bar stools, as well as a few couches by the front window. There is outdoor seating and a dog-friendly patio area with room for plenty of fluffy puppies. Along the back hallway is the fully-functioning cidery where the ciders are made in-house.

Urban Tree Cidery

We tried both flights so that we could get a good sampling of the Urban Tree Ciders. Kevin and Dad had the Flagship Flight with Original, Classic, Barrel-Aged, and Das Hops flavors. These ciders are on tap year-round. Ryne and I had the Seasonal Flight with Vintage Gala, Triple H, Peach (Urban)Tree, and Wild On Cherry. These ciders are fruity flavors and they are on rotation. Ryne wasn’t a fan of the Peach’s basil flavor, but it reminded me of Italian food so I kind of liked it. My favorite though was definitely the Cherry, which is just a great flavor for spring and summer.

They also offer cocktails made with their ciders. Kevin tried the Kirkwood, named after the community on Atlanta’s east-side. The cocktail combines Urban Tree Das Hops cider, Old Fourth Distillery Gin, lavender syrup, and lemon juice. It was strong and good.

The tasting room is open Thursdays from 4 pm – 9:30 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 12:30 pm – 6:30 pm. They don’t serve any food, but you’re welcome to bring your own. And they keep the fun going by providing board games, card games, and dice games so that you can get drunkenly excited about a game of Yahtzee, which of course we did.



What’s your favorite local cider? Let me know in the comments!


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