Visiting Zoo Atlanta on a Rainy Day

Red Panda at Zoo Atlanta

I’m back with another zoo post! Since we’re Zoo Atlanta members, we’ll visit the zoo no matter the weather, which means I can gather tips for if you visit when its sunny or rainy, hot or cold. Here’s what you need to know to make your rainy zoo visit a little brighter: 

I love our Zoo Atlanta membership. Under the membership, we have free admission every day of the year, so we are happy to visit no matter what the weather, and I won’t let a little rain get in the way of me seeing bears. On our recent trip to the zoo, it was pouring at times, but we still had a great time. The good news is, there’s no reason for you to cancel your zoo trip on a rainy day either, even if you don’t have a membership, because Zoo Atlanta is still open and in full swing during the rain.

There are Covered Viewing Areas and Indoor Habitats

A lot of the animals at Zoo Atlanta have covered viewing areas or even indoor habitats so that you can get out of the rain for a moment. If the elephants aren’t out and about, you can find them inside and see them up close while also staying dry. The Complex Carnivores area is covered, where you can see the clouded leopard and the tiger. The giant panda twins are almost always in their indoor environment for now, and you can catch them there napping, completely unaware that it’s even raining outside. The walkway by the tanuki is partially covered, and the viewing area above the sun bears and tigers as well as the window viewing area of the lion’s den are covered to keep you dry.

Sun Bear at Zoo Atlanta

Plus, the Animals Don’t Mind the Rain

Sure, the zoo animals are sheltered (I’m looking at you, panda twins), but they don’t really mind the rain. They’re out in the elements all the time, so a little rain is nothing new to them. We saw plenty of animal activity, even in the hardest rainfall, and saw some animals that we hadn’t really seen moving about before, like the binturong. The keepers still do their animal enrichment to encourage activity, and even if the animals are avoiding the rain, you can still see them bundled up in their shelters, like the red panda in her little treehouse. Some animals, like the monkeys and apes, enjoy being able to splash around in the rain and you may be able to see them more than usual. One of the sun bears seems to be particularly fond of the rain as I always see one of them climbing about on any rain day that I’m there.

Plenty of Activities are Still Going On

Unlike when you visit the zoo in the winter and the concessions are limited, the restaurants and concession stands are still open when it’s warm out and raining. The kiosks that are fully exposed to the weather aren’t all going to be open, of course, but the zoo doesn’t completely shut down just because of a little rain. Zoo Atlanta doesn’t list a formal rain policy on its website, and most events can still take place on a rainy day. If there is too much rain for an event, they’ll post about it on social media and send an email through their newsletter. The rainy days that we’ve been there, the volunteers were out in full force ready to talk to and educate the few guests there about the animals and the Panda Bear Wild Encounter was still available.

Parking is a Breeze

Parking is a big deal in Atlanta, okay? Going to the zoo on a rainy day means fewer people, which means you can actually park in the parking lot and don’t have to deal with street parking. And that is a major plus!

What to Bring for a Rainy Zoo Day

All in all, there are plenty of things that make visiting Zoo Atlanta on a rainy day worth it, and I definitely recommend it!



When is your favorite time to visit Zoo Atlanta? Let me know in the comments!

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