My 2018 Travel Roundup!

Blarney Castle

2018 has been a great travel year for me, and I’m taking a look back at what all I’ve been lucky enough to see and do in the past year! And I’m looking forward to an even better 2019! 

Big changes are on the way! In the New Year, I’m looking into self-hosting my blog and finally having some more creative control over the design and flow of my site. I’m hoping to have more time in 2019 to reorganize my blog and help all my lovely readers find travel tips and inspiration. I can’t wait for all I have planned in 2019! But first —

My 2018 Travel Roundup

The Fox Theatre

I started the year out strong by taking Kevin on a road trip to all of Georgia’s Stonehenge monuments, just a little preview of what he would get to see when we went to the actual Stonehenge. Spoiler alert — they are nothing like the real deal, but it’s a great day trip from Atlanta.

This year, I finally marked off my bucket list seeing a show at The Fox Theatre. I’ve grown up hearing stories about The Fox from my family, and since moving to Atlanta it’s been top on my list of things to do. My Grandmommy passed away this October (which I’m still finding it so hard to write about), and her and Granddaddy’s date at The Fox is one of my favorite stories.

In May, Kevin and I took a tour of United Kingdom and Ireland, covering London, England; Cardiff, Wales; Dublin, Ireland; and Edinburgh, Scotland. This was Kevin’s first trip to Europe, so I got to play tour guide taking him to many of the places I’d seen while studying abroad.

Cardiff Castle

During the summer, I met up with some friends from college for a girls’ trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee where we stayed in a potentially haunted farmhouse and easily fell into our old rhythm as only best friends can do.

And in August, I tagged along with Kevin and some friends to the Pokémon World Championship, and while they all played games and had their fun, I went out and explored Nashville, Tennessee on my own. While Pokémon Worlds was a unique experience, what I really enjoyed was striking out solo for a couple days and having a little bit of me time.

With the year coming to a close, Kevin and I finally found a free weekend in November to try out the Operation City Quest scavenger hunt my brother had gifted us last Christmas. The scavenger hunt sent us searching through downtown Atlanta for 150 items. It was an interesting way to see the city and was definitely a cool gift idea.

Giant Panda Wild Encounter

On my birthday this year, I did something incredible — I fed a panda bear at Zoo Atlanta! I got so close to one of my favorite animals (along with all other bears), and not only did I get to feed the adorable Lun Lun her favorite treat, but I also got to see how amazingly smart these bears are.

Christmas we spent in Cambridge, England, where my brother is now living. He gave us an expert local tour of the city and showed us how to celebrate Christmas the British way. We’ll be starting some new traditions for Christmases to come, that’s for sure! Blog posts on my Christmas trip are coming soon; I’ve just still been settling in from the jetlag since getting home.

Christmas in England

2018 Blog Post Rankings

Looking Forward to 2019 Travel

I’ve already got some trips planned for 2019, and plenty of time left for spontaneous trips! I’ll start the year off right with a cruise with a few friends, this time to Western Caribbean.

Then sometime mid-year, Kevin will be taking me on a surprise weekend trip! Kevin is so good at surprises. I have no idea where we’re going, but I do know it’s within driving distance of Atlanta and that there is some specific event that we’re going to. In the meantime, I’ll be coming up with elaborate and ridiculous guesses of what it could be and seeing if I’m anywhere close!

And for Christmas, I expect to be back in Cambridge, seeing even more of the city. Who knows, we may even jaunt off for another quick trip elsewhere in Europe while we’re over there. We’re keeping our options open!

Stay tuned, safe travels, and I’ll see you next year!



What’s your favorite trip from 2018, and what travel are you looking forward to in 2019? Tell me in the comments!


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