5 Free Things to Do in Cambridge, England

Cambridge Castle Mound

The idyllic beauty of Cambridge, England is enough to keep you occupied, and luckily for those budget travelers, you can do so many things in Cambridge for free! Here are 5 free things to do in Cambridge to get you started: 

1. Admire the Corpus Clock

Corpus Clock

The Corpus Clock is a strange and memorable monument. The Corpus Clock does tell the time, though it is accurate only once every five minutes. The clock features ripples representing the Big Bang that formed the universe, the “Chronophage” time-eating monster that looks like a grasshopper, three rings of LED lights that show hours, minutes and seconds, and a hammer hitting a wooden coffin to signal the passing of the hour. “The world and its desires pass away” is inscribed in Latin beneath the clock.

2. Have a Sit at The Eagle

The Eagle

I know what you’re thinking — “Drinking at a pub isn’t free!” But I’m not sending you to The Eagle for drinks. This is the pub where Watson and Crick regularly ate and where the pair announced the discovery of the structure of DNA. The Eagle is also houses the “RAF bar”; the ceiling in this room had been graffitied by WWII airmen in England’s Royal Air Force.

3. Walk Along the Cam

Mathematical Bridge

The River Cam flows through Cambridge and offers scenic views of boats being punted up and down the river. A walk along the river is a good way to see Cambridge and catch a glimpse of the university’s College Backs. A stop on Silver Street will give you a great view of the Back of Queens College and of Mathematical Bridge.

4. See Newton’s Apple Tree

Newtons Apple Tree

Well, not the real one. A descendant of Newton’s apple tree grows next to the main gate of Trinity College. You aren’t allowed on the grass to get up close to it, but it still offers a great opportunity to take some silly and creative pictures, so make sure to grab your selfie stick!

5. Climb Castle Mound

Cambridge Castle Mound

Cambridge didn’t get left out of William the Conqueror’s castle building frenzy, though there’s not much left of the former stronghold. On Castle Street, just past The Castle Inn, is the site of Cambridge Castle, now just a mound and some memories. But a climb to the top of Castle Mound gets you to the highest point in the city and gives you picturesque views of Cambridge, all at no cost.



What’s your favorite free thing to do in Cambridge, England? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “5 Free Things to Do in Cambridge, England

  1. I’ve been to England 3 times when I was a child, but I don’t think we have ever visited Cambridge, because we don’t have any family close. I would love to visit it sometime though, and would love to see these places! Will add to my bucket list!


  2. I love the family apple selfie! I have never been to Cambridge! I have lots of friends who live there who I am trying to get around to visiting. Thank you for the list – it looks like such a beautiful place! xxx


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