Georgia Hikes: Kennesaw Mountain Loop Trail

Kennesaw Mountain Loop Trail

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park preserves a Civil War battleground of the Atlanta Campaign. The park’s 22 miles of trails makes it a popular hiking destination in Atlanta. With the start of spring, the trails were covered with hikers this past weekend when we hiked the Mountain Loop Trail.

Kennesaw Mountain Trail

Kennesaw Mountain Loop Trail

The Mountain Loop Trail starts at the Visitor Center, crossing over the paved Mountain Road before continuing on a dirt trail into the forest. The 1 mile hike to the mountain top is the most difficult part of the hike, so you’ll be glad to get it over with first. It’s a steep and rocky climb up the mountain through a series of long switchbacks.

Near the top, you’ll get a break at a parking area where you can catch gorgeous views of the Atlanta skyline on a clear day. Up a set of stairs is another viewing platform and a paved trail that continues your hike. The trail takes you along a line of cannons pointing toward the north before coming to the mountain’s rocky, exposed summit.

Read about my first trip up Kennesaw Mountain here.

Little Kennesaw Trail

Kennesaw Mountain Loop Trail

The hike then continues to descends the opposite side of Kennesaw Mountain, crossing the paved Mountain Road where you can see your next mountaintop to conquer: Little Kennesaw Mountain.

Little Kennesaw Trail descends into the shady forest before climbing in elevation of about 100 feet. The top of Little Kennesaw Mountain is also decorated with cannons pointing toward the north.

Kennesaw Mountain Loop Trail

Descending the opposite side of Little Kennesaw Mountain is tougher than the hike up. This side of the mountain is a rocky path and you really have to watch your footing. At the bottom of the mountain, though, you are back in the easy battlefield hiking trails.

At the first fork in the trail, just after 2.5 miles, we took the Little Kennesaw Cutoff, which just makes your hike a little shorter by about half a mile. The official trail (following the red markers) continues on the Pigeon Hill Trail and then on the Pigeon Hill Cutoff before joining the Camp Brumby Trail where the Little Kennesaw Cutoff meets.

Camp Brumby Trail

Kennesaw Mountain Loop Trail

The Camp Brumby Trail follows along the base of the mountain. It’s a wide, flat trail with very little change in elevation. This trail runs along the backs of suburban housing developments and passes the ruins of a 1930s-era Civilian Conservation Corps camp. You can also take a detour to hop on the short 0.39 mile Camp Brumby Loop Trail if you want to make your hike a little longer and see more of the camp ruins.

The hike continues following signs for the Visitor Center to end your hike back where you started at a little over 5 miles (5.8 if you didn’t take the Little Kennesaw Cutoff).



What is your favorite Kennesaw National Battlefield Park hike? Let me know in the comments!


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