Christmas in Cambridge

Cambridge, England

This year my family and I went international for the holidays and spent Christmas in Cambridge, England. We saw the sights around this scholarly city and had plenty of festive fun!  Continue reading


7 Things to Do in Montgomery, AL

Alabama State Capitol Building

Family outing! My brother was doing some training at Maxwell Air Force Base, and since he was now within three hours of us all, the whole family convened in Alabama’s capital city, and I of course dragged Kevin along. We barged into town with hardly a plan and what resulted was an eclectic mix of sites, so here are our seven things to do in Montgomery:  Continue reading

Traveling 4,000 Miles for College Football

Georgia Tech Football in Ireland

For years I’ve been trying to get my family to go to Ireland, ever since our first trip to London in 2012. I love Ireland, it’s one of my favorite places, but I am not enough to convince my family to take a trip to Ireland. But college football is. Besides being the weirdest reason to tell people you’re going on vacation for (“You’re going to Ireland for American football?”), the trip came with plenty of perks. Continue reading

Sibling Shenanigans with Panda Bear Siblings


Day Two of my brother’s visit to Atlanta consisted of a trip to the zoo to see the pandas, a picture-perfect stop at Jackson Street Bridge, some fun at Swan House, and a drive by the new Braves stadium.

Here’s all about our Sibling Shenanigans Day 2:

Continue reading

Sibling Shenanigans at 720ft


My brother came to visit! And in the tradition of great Sibling Shenanigans, we packed a ton into two days, went all over this town, ate Irish food, and got up to general shenanigans and malarkey.

Here’s everything we did on Sibling Shenanigans Day 1: Continue reading