Nicknaming Dublin Statues

Oscar Wilde Statue

Do you know the Dubliner names for the statues around town? During my recent trip to Dublin, our city tour guide mentioned the humorous nicknames people have given the city’s statues over the years, and he promised to regale us with their nicknaming tales later on in the tour, but he never did. Since I was my own family’s designated tour guide, the burden fell on me to find the nicknames of the statues we came across. So in case your tour guide didn’t tell you, here are some of Dublin’s most famous, raunchily nicknamed statues: Continue reading


54 Columns

54 Columns

At the corner of Highland Avenue and Glen Iris Dr. stand a number of concrete columns peppering the lot. The effect is the look of something in ruins, or of something in the first stages of being built. But 54 Columns is neither of these things. It is art. Continue reading