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14 Best Restaurants in Evansville, Indiana

Evansville, Indiana is a great city for foodies. From elevated tapas to German comfort foods to top-notch sushi, Evansville restaurants have a wide range to suit every palate.

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Evansville, you’ve come to the right place! Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and explore the Evansville’s flavorful food scene!

Evansville, Indiana Restaurants

Top Restaurants in Evansville

1. Entwined Wine & Cocktail Bar

Two cocktails at Entwined Wine & Cocktail Bar, Evansville, Indiana

Entwined Wine & Cocktail Bar is a chic restaurant in Downtown Evansville with a seasonal tapas menu, a curated list of fine wines, and delicious craft cocktails.

This restaurant is a super cute date spot with intimate indoor and outdoor seating. Create your own charcuterie board and sip on one of their unique-named cocktails (I liked the “He Can’t Afford Me”).

303 Main St, Evansville, IN 47708

2. Penny Lane Coffeehouse

Half Baked Sandwich at Penny Lane Coffeehouse, Evansville, Indiana

Penny Lane Coffeehouse is a hip little coffee shop in Downtown Evansville that has been around since 1990. This cozy coffeehouse is filled with nooks and crannies, books, and an eclectic collection of art.

They serve specialty lattes, iced coffees, smoothies, breakfast, soup, and lunch sandwiches. If you’re stopping by for lunch, I recommend the Dazed & Confused or the Half Baked sandwiches.

600 SE 2nd St, Evansville, IN 47713

3. Turoni’s Pizza

Turoni's Pizza and Brewery, Evansville, Indiana
Photography by Alex Morgan Imaging via e is for everyone

Turoni’s has been an Evansville staple since 1963. You have your choice of two locations: the Pizzeria & Brewery or the For-Get-Me-Not-Inn.

The brewery features Honey Blonde Ale, Thunder-Bolt Red Ale, and whatever else the thirsty brewers have decided to concoct. Turoni’s freshly made, thin crust pizza and secret sauce have a unique flavor and texture you won’t find anywhere else.

Brewery: 408 N Main St, Evansville, IN 47711

For-Get-Me-Not-Inn: 4 N Weinbach Ave, Evansville, IN 47711

4. Manna Mediterranean Grill

Manna Mediterranean Grill serves fast, authentic Mediterranean cuisine perfect for the college student on a budget.

Dishes include gyros, kebabs, and shawarma. This delicious grill is a locally owned and family-operated by Amjad and Kristi Manna

2913 Lincoln Ave, Evansville, IN 47714

5. Gerst Haus

Gerst Haus, Evansville, Indiana
Photography by Alex Morgan Imaging via e is for everyone

Gerst Haus has been serving German fare from its authentic beer hall atmosphere in Evansville since 1999. The German restaurant got its start in Nashville, where the restaurant has been voted the Best Reuben sandwich.

Signature dishes include wiener schnitzel, bratwurst, and corned beef and cabbage, and the Evansville location features a giant frozen Fishbowl of the brewery’s own Gerst Amber beer, as well as 49 draughts and a large selection of imported beers.

2100 W Franklin St, Evansville, IN 47712

6. Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant

A small Jasper, Indiana chain, Los Bravos has three Evansville restaurants: North, East, and West.

This means that no matter where you are in the city there is a Los Bravos nearby to satisfy your cravings for delicious Mexican cuisine, Margarita Mondays, and brightly colored decorations.

East: 6226 E Waterford Blvd, Evansville, IN 47715

West: 4630 W Lloyd Expy, Evansville, IN 47712

North: 3534 N First Ave, Evansville, IN 47710

7. Riverwalk by Acropolis

Doros Hadjisavva only intended to be in the Tri-State area for one year, but soon he and his wife Ellada found themselves staying well over a decade and opening the Acropolis. Since, they’ve expanded to offer catering, a food truck, and a new restaurant on the Riverwalk — Riverwalk by Acropolis.

The Cyprus native brought delicious traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine to Evansville with his family recipes and fresh ingredients.

6 Walnut St, Evansville, IN 47708

8. Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine

Taj Mahal is one of Evansville’s favorite Indian restaurants. The restaurant serves curries, biryani and other classic dishes, and an incredible homemade cheese-stuffed naan.

Their elaborate lunch buffet has a wide variety of foods and flavors to try.

900 Tutor Ln #101, Evansville, IN 47715

9. Zuki Japanese Grill & Sushi

Zuki Japanese Grill & Sushi is a chic and modern Japanese restaurant featuring a hibachi grill, sushi, and bento boxes. They’ve been voted Best Sushi in Evansville since 2011.

There are two locations, and the two-story downtown location is inside an old bank, so you may be lucky enough to be seated inside the “vault”.

Downtown: 222 Main St, Evansville, IN 47708

East: 1448 N Green River Rd, Evansville, IN 47715

10. Crazy Buffet

Evansville goes crazy for Crazy Buffet‘s extensive selection of all-you-can-eat Chinese food, sushi, Mongolian barbecue, and other Asian foods at a reasonable price.

The restaurant serves over 200 different food items daily.

701 N Burkhardt Rd, Evansville, IN 47715

11. Angelo’s Italian Restaurant

Angelo's Italian Restaurant, Evansville, Indiana
Photography by Alex Morgan Imaging via e is for everyone

Angelo’s Italian Restaurant is a traditional Italian restaurant serving all your classic Italian favorites.

Located in the middle of downtown on Main Street, this cozy restaurant has an old-school Italian atmosphere and an outdoor patio.

305 Main St, Evansville, IN 47708

12. Ma T 888 China Bistro

Ma T 888 Chine Bistro is a great option for Chinese and Japanese cuisine and take-out.

Come for the traditional Chinese dim sum and family-style meals, and stay for the friendly service.

5636 Vogel Rd, Evansville, IN 47715

13. Milano’s Italian Cuisine

Meat Lovers Pizza at Milano's Italian Cuisine, Evansville, Indiana

Milano’s is a family-owned Italian restaurant on Main Street in downtown. They serve a variety of pastas, pizzas, and seafood for lunch and dinner.

Their Meat Lovers Pizza is delicious and is big enough to feed you’re whole family!

500 Main St, Evansville, IN 47708

14. Lincoln Garden

Lincoln Garden is a Chinese restaurant that’s a favorite for University of Evansville students. This small pick-up and delivery only restaurant on the corner of campus is perfect for college kids.

They have all your favorite authentic Chinese foods like Sesame Chicken, Pepper Steak, Sauteed String Beans, and Singapore Mei Fun. They have large portions with great prices.

2001 Lincoln Ave, Evansville, IN 47714

Evansville Restaurants Map

Ready to try these delicious restaurants in Evansville? Use the map below to find your favorite spot!

I hope you found this guide to the best restaurants in Evansville, Indiana helpful!

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10 Restaurants to Try in Evansville, Indiana

What are your favorite restaurants in Evansville? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I grew up in Evansville, so seeing this pop up on Pinterest was awesome! Also, I still crave Los Bravos queso on a weekly basis, even though I moved out of Indiana over 5 years ago.

    1. It’s crazy, there’s a Los Bravos down the street from me in Atlanta and I thought it was the same brand; I was very disappointed to learn that it’s not at all the same as the Evansville one!

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