Home of the World’s Largest Jukebox

World's Largest Jukebox

Where can you rock out to the world’s largest jukebox? Read more to find out!  Continue reading


Alabama Hikes: Fanning Trail

Fanning Trail

Fanning Trail in the Belvins Gap Nature Preserve is a mild and beautiful hike for seeing the crisp fall colors. Continue reading

7 Things to Do in Montgomery, AL

Alabama State Capitol Building

Family outing! My brother was doing some training at Maxwell Air Force Base, and since he was now within three hours of us all, the whole family convened in Alabama’s capital city, and I of course dragged Kevin along. We barged into town with hardly a plan and what resulted was an eclectic mix of sites, so here are our seven things to do in Montgomery:  Continue reading

Discovering the Muscle Shoals Sound

Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

This small northwest Alabama town was once a sought-after recording location for some of the world’s best-known musical artists looking to get a taste of the Muscle Shoals sound and the fame that comes with it. While the town may not be the “Hit Recording Capital of the World” as it was in the 60s and 70s, tourists and musicians alike still come from miles away for a little of that Muscle Shoals sound.  Continue reading