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Experience Authentic Japanese Green Tea With This Virtual Teatime

Green Tea in Pot and Cup

Travel virtually to Shizuoka, Japan to learn about the magic of green tea and its place in Japanese culture. This virtual Japanese green tea experience allows you to connect with a local in Japan. You’ll learn the secrets and tips of making a great cup of authentic Japanese green tea.

A special thanks to Arigato Japan for hosting me on this virtual Japanese green tea experience! As always, all opinions are my own.

Japanese Green Tea Virtual Experience

Want to learn more about Japanese green tea but can’t travel to Japan right now? With the magic of the internet, you can travel virtually to Shizuoka, Japan to have an authentic green tea experience online without ever leaving your home.

Green Teatime in Shizuoka, Japan

Green Tea Leaves

Green Teatime in Shizuoka, Japan is an online experience over Zoom offered by Arigato Japan. Your local guide, Lauren, will share with you the magic of green tea and its special place in Japanese culture. The experience is perfect for both tea-lovers and Japan-lovers.

You don’t have to be a tea fanatic to enjoy this tour, either. I knew next to nothing about green tea before this experience, and now I feel like an expert!

In addition to learning a lot about green tea, you’ll also get to connect with people from all over the world. Our small group had people joining in from North America, Europe, and Asia.

What You’ll Learn on This Authentic Japanese Green Tea Virtual Experience

Green Teatime Presentation

Your green tea virtual “tour” is only about an hour long, but it packs in a lot of information!

The presentation is a mix of a slide show and a tea room view where you can see how to brew your tea. And it’s not just an hour of lecturing, either. This is an interactive experience. Lauren will ask you to answer some tea trivia, you can ask questions anytime, and you’ll brew your own tea right along with her.

Tea Room

The most important thing you’ll learn is how to brew the perfect cup of green tea. If you’ve ever tried brewing your own green tea and found it too bitter, you’ll get the secrets and tips about how to handle the tea leaves and just how long to brew for. Even if you’re using a tea bag, Lauren will have some tips for you.

You’ll learn a lot of basics about green tea, like the different kinds of tea, the difference between green tea and matcha, and why it’s so healthy.

Lauren has some great travel recommendations for when you can visit Japan and have an in-person experience. There are many tea farms in Shizuoka that you can visit.

You’ll even get tips on a how to make a green tea cocktail! I’ve made it myself a couple times now.

Green Tea Cocktail

If you’re curious, you’ll just have to take the tour to get the recipe, because my lips are sealed!

What You’ll Need to Bring

Obviously, you can’t taste the tea through the computer, so you’ll have to bring your own green tea. This can be loose tea and a teapot, or a tea bag and a tea cup. You should also have easy access to hot water.

Other than that, you just need yourself and any questions about tea or travel in Japan!

You don’t need to take any notes as Lauren will send you the presentation slides after your experience.

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About Arigato Japan

Arigato Japan is a tour company that specializes in food tours led by local experts. They offer over 40 culinary adventures, tours, and experiences in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, the Mt Fuji area, and Hiroshima.

They offer plenty of in-person experiences for when you do travel to Japan, like this Ultimate Ramen Tasting Tour in Tokyo. Arigato Japan even has an in-person Matcha Kyoto Green Tea Tour in the town of Uji in Kyoto.

The company started offering online experiences like this green tea one so that you can experience Japan from home. They have some fun virtual experiences like Plan For Japan: Online trip planning experience.

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Experience Authentic Japanese Green Tea With This Virtual Teatime

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