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Virtually Visit the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan

Tsukiji Fish Market

Dreaming of visiting Japan but can’t travel there just yet? You can prepare for your trip and learn local tips from a virtual tour! Virtually visit the historic neighborhood Tsukiji Fish Market on this online tour.

A special thanks to Arigato Japan for hosting my virtual tour of Tsukiji Fish Market. As always, all opinions are my own!

Tsukiji Market Neighborhood Virtual Tour

Want to learn more about Tokyo’s historic Tsukiji Fish Market but can’t travel to Japan right now? With the magic of the internet, you can travel virtually to the most famous foodie area of Japan without ever leaving your home.

Tsukiji Market Neighborhood Virtual Tour is an online experience over Zoom offered by Arigato Japan. During this broadcast, you’ll sit back and relax as your local guide shares with you the history and food of the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. The experience is perfect for foodies and Japan-lovers alike.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Japan and want to be prepared before you go, love learning about Japanese food and culture, or are just looking for a unique way to spend an hour, this virtual tour is a great resource!

Tsukiji Fish Market

About Tsukiji Fish Market

For almost 90 years, Tsukiji has been the marketplace for merchants selling fresh fish, seafood, vegetables, produce, and more. The market focuses on supplies for restaurants and retail stores, but it has seen a significant increase in tourism in the last decade.

All around the market, you’ll find about 440 shops selling souvenir items, fresh fish and seafood, local produce, knives, meat, and desserts. There’s a huge selection of high-quality local food here.

What to Expect on Your Tsukiji Virtual Tour

The Tsukiji Fish Market virtual tour is only about an hour long, but you’ll see and learn a lot along the way.

Your host (we had Lauren, who also hosted our amazing Virtual Green Teatime) will use Zoom to broadcast the tour on-location in Tsukiji. You won’t be on camera or audio, you’ll simply watch and communicate through the chat. There are moderators from the Arigato Japan team who will help answer questions in the chat and relay other questions to the host.

Tsukiji Fish Market Virtual Tour

There were a few dozen other participants on the broadcast, so rest assured that you’ll have plenty of other like-minded foodies to connect with through the chat.

Your host will walk you through the streets of Tsukiji giving you the history of the neighborhood, highlighting Japanese foods, talking about the different stalls you pass, and answering your questions from the chat.

Since this is a virtual version of an in-person food tour Arigato Japan offers, many of the merchants know the host. Lauren was able to stop and give us close-up looks at the food they sold while giving us recommendations for which stalls to check out in-person.

In addition to looking at all the amazing food, you’ll also get a look at the Namiyoke Inari Shrine. During the annual Tsukiji Shishi Matsuri (Lion Dance Festival), the shrine’s two lion heads are paraded through the neighborhood and market to protect against disasters.

Namiyoke Inari Shrine Virtual Tour

After the tour, you’ll receive an information packet with everything you’ve learned, so there’s no need to take notes. This will include the names and addresses of some of the local shops you should check out in-person as well as the different foods and specialties you can find in the market.

About Arigato Japan

Arigato Japan is a tour company that specializes in food tours led by local experts. They offer over 40 culinary adventures, tours, and experiences in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, the Mt Fuji area, and Hiroshima.

They offer plenty of in-person experiences for when you do travel to Japan, like the Classic Tsukiji Breakfast Tour or this Ultimate Ramen Tasting Tour in Tokyo.

In 2020, the company started offering online experiences like this one so that you can experience Japan from home. They have some fun virtual experiences like Plan For Japan: Online trip planning experience.

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Virtually Visit the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan

Would you do take this virtual tour of Tsukiji Fish Market? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Virtual tours are pretty cool and I’m happy that they’ve been surfacing! This is really cool, I’d really like to visit and see it in person!

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