Alabama Hikes: The Cross on the Mountain

Burritt Museum Cross

The cross on Monte Sano was built in 1963 through a united effort that involved multi-racial area churches and businesses. Designed by Dick Dickson, an architect who also was on the city’s Planning Commission and who’s firm designed the Huntsville City Hall and the Von Braun Civic Center’s arena, the 74 foot tall cross was a racially integrated and ecumenical effort during complicated times, symbolizing a city balanced by a symbol of peace and faith.

The 38-ton concrete cross stands 74 feet tall with a cross beam of 31 feet. The face is encrusted with marbleized chips to better reflect the light. Those who know where to look on Monte Sano Mountain can find the cross peaking out of the green trees just below Burritt on the Mountain‘s Baron Bluff Building.

The cross is accessible along the Burritt’s Rock Bluff Trail. The trail is handicapped accessible from the Hiker’s Parking Lot on Burritt Drive. There is no charge.



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