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What It’s Like to Fly Delta One: My Delta One Suites Review

Delta One Suite

Who doesn’t dream of flying first class, getting plenty of leg room and having your every need catered to? Well, I got the opportunity to try out Delta One for myself on my trip from London to Atlanta. Check out my review of the Delta One Suites here!

You’ve probably seen the Delta One Suites from afar as you shuffled in and out of your cramped economy class seats. These sleek, individual pods allow for privacy and loads of leg room. But just how good are these suites? I found out for myself on a recent flight from London Heathrow (LHR) to Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL). This was my Christmas gift from my parents this year, so thanks, Mom and Dad!

What It’s Like Flying Delta One

Upper Class Check-In and Security

The experience with first class begins well before you get on the plane. At London Heathrow, your first class experience starts at check-in. If you’re being dropped off at Terminal 3, you can use a special entrance to the private upper class check-in and security area.

We came through the regular departures for Terminal 3 since we came via the Underground. We checked in at the Upper Class desk, dropped off our checked bags, and then took the lift to the private security area. Here, you go through security as usual, but it’s a much quicker process since there are fewer people.

Once through security, you merge back with the regular terminal and pass through Duty Free. But after that, you can go off to the Delta Clubhouse and relax in all your upper class glory.

Virgin Atlantic / Delta Clubhouse

Virgin Atlantic / Delta Clubhouse at London Heathrow Airport

The Virgin Atlantic / Delta Clubhouse at Heathrow is an amazing business class lounge with some retro 60’s and 70’s vibes. It’s located in Terminal 3 above the AA Admiral’s Club. You can take the chandelier-adorned staircase or the elevator (which has seating). Friendly staff members are there to welcome you into the lounge and tell you how everything works inside.

When you walk in, a buffet counter to your left has more self-service foods while the dining area past it has table-service and hot foods. There is a bar along the back of the lounge and tons of seating all around. Each section had different types of seating and tables. There is even a kids’ area. Upstairs is another seating area with TVs and an outdoor garden where you can watch planes take off and land.

Virgin Atlantic / Delta Clubhouse at London Heathrow Airport

We were there for breakfast, so we sat in the middle seating area and had a light meal from the deli counter. If we had been there during the day, I might have tried out some of their fun cocktails; but since it was early in the morning, we stuck with a Peach Bellini and some coffee.

There is also a spa where you can get facials, massages, and haircuts. These services typically cost extra.

Their restrooms are large and spacious. The shower suites are private and have toiletries provided.

Delta One Suites

Delta One Suite

When it’s time for the flight to board, Delta One passengers get to board early and have plenty of time to get a drink and get settled. And since they board the economy passengers through a different door, you don’t have to worry about people coming through the aisles and you have more time to move around and put your luggage in the overhead bins.

Of the two first class seats I’ve tried, the Delta One Suites are definitely my favorite.

The seats are staggered 1-2-1 format, and you can’t even really see the person across the aisle next to you. The middle seats can see each other if you let down the divider between the seats. Kevin and I had these middle seats and kept the divider down the whole way. Even then, you’re very secluded still.

Delta One Suite

You get a large table on one side of the seat, an armrest on the other. Your leg room extends beneath the seat in front of you. The chair reclines fully into a bed.

It’s really easy to go from reclining to laying, but if you’re tall, you’ll have to scooch your butt up as your bed gets flatter because it sure does move you down and you’ll end up kicking the end of the footwell. But I had no trouble fitting my full height to the length of the bed once I moved my head back to the top!

Delta also has a great selection of movies on-board. You get a huge screen in front of you and tons of movies and TV shows to choose from.

They provide you with headphones (though I have my own noise-cancelling headphones, so I didn’t try them out), a bottle of water, and an amenities bag that you get to keep. The amenities bag includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, an eye mask, socks, hand sanitizer, and lotion.

Delta One Suite

There isn’t a ton of in-seat storage. You have a cubby with the headphones and water that has some space. Then you have the table, but you can’t keep things there for take-off or landing. The footwell has a slanted footrest, so you can’t store things there either.

But you should have plenty of space in the overhead bins; that just means getting up for what you need after take-off.

Your tray table is a little bit hidden in your side table. You have to press the side, slide the table out, then unfold it in front of you. You can then slide it toward you or away from you. Let’s talk about that food now!

Food and Drinks

Snacks - nuts, Coca-Cola, and sparkling wine, Delta One Food

Delta One serves all its food and drinks in actual glassware and nice-looking plates. You get real silverware to eat with, too.

Everything is included with your Delta One ticket, so go ahead and have a few glasses of Champagne! Since Kevin and I got engaged in London (!!!), my parents sent the flight attendant over with some celebratory Champagne for us. You’re also offered beverages when you get seated.

After take-off, we got a snack of warm nuts and another drink. Then the attendants served the starters and bread.

Starters - salad, bread, and meat, Delta One Food

While everything was plated nicely and looked good, the quality was still just average.

Next up was the main course. I had a filet with potatoes and green beans.

Main course - filet steak, potatoes, and green beans, Delta One Food

Then, dessert! The dessert was my favorite part. They offered a sundae, which seemed to be everyone’s choice, and for good reason.

Dessert - Ice cream sundae, Delta One Food

They offer you a fruit syrup, chocolate syrup, nuts, and whipped cream to top it. It’s also served with a heart-shaped spoon!

Dessert - Ice cream sundae and heart-shaped spoon, Delta One Food

(Engagement ring not included, but I had to show it off!)

For our pre-landing meal, they offered a sandwich or a salad. I had the salad, and Kevin had the sandwich, but neither of us remembered to take a picture! Oh well.

We were also able to pre-select our meal before our flight through the Delta app. This was nice because you know you’ll get the meal you want and won’t have to worry about them running out before they get to you.

Overall Impression of Delta One Suites

Overall, I loved flying Delta One. It’s a much more relaxed flying experience — everyone is happier in first class, no one is in a tremendous rush, and there’s hardly any travel stress.

But the price just isn’t realistic. I would never have been able to do this if my parents hadn’t gifted it to me. And I can’t see myself paying that much for every trans-Atlantic flight I take, unless I win the lottery!

It was a great experience, though!

Delta One Suites Pros:

  • So. Much. Legroom.
  • You can easily transition from laying to lounging.
  • It’s so private and not like any other flying experience I’ve had.
  • Free booze, y’all!

Delta One Suites Cons:

  • Airplane food is still airplane food, so it’s hit or miss.
  • Not a lot of in-seat storage.
  • The price.

Delta One FAQ

Is Delta One the same as First Class?

Delta One and First Class are not the same.

Delta One is the most premium class. It is available on long-haul international flights and a few long-haul cross-country flights. These seats offer lie-flat seating and premium food and beverage service.

First Class is available on shorter or domestic flights. These seats don’t have the lie-flat seating, but rather the larger standard seating.

Does Delta have lie-flat seats?

Delta offers lie-flat seats in their Delta One fares. These seats lie back into a fully flat bed for optimal comfort during your long-haul flight.

How much does a Delta One seat cost?

International flight Delta One seats can cost anywhere from $3,000 to over $10,000 round-trip, depending on the routes and dates. If you want to buy with your Delta SkyMiles, seats can cost up to 465,000 miles each way.

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What It's Like to Fly Delta One: My Delta One Suites Review

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