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55+ Best Travel Gifts for Frequent Travelers [2024]

Give the gift of adventure with these amazing travel gift ideas for frequent travelers! Get the traveler in your life something they’ll actually use on their next vacation, or just something that will make their travel memories that much sweeter. These popular travel gifts are just what your globe-trotter needs.

What gift do you get a traveler, besides maybe a plane ticket to their dream destination? Cash may seem like the easiest option, but sometimes you just want a gift that feels more personal and shows you understand the travel lifestyle.

There are tons of things you can buy your traveler to show you care, from gear that makes travel easier to experiences they never thought of. I’ve put together this travel gift guide to help you find that perfect gift.


A Tinggly experience gift box is my favorite gift for travelers! These gift boxes let you give the gift of adventure, while letting your traveler have the freedom to choose where and when to travel. You give the gift box, and they choose from hundreds of experiences all over the world!

Get 15% off all collections for Valentine’s Day, plus get an extra 5% off with code PAIGE-QM20 through Feb 15!

Best Travel Gift Ideas for Frequent Travelers

My Top 3 Picks: Gifts for Frequent Travelers

#1 Top Pick
Tinggly Christmas Box

Tinggly Experience Gift Box

  • Gift boxes for every occasion
  • Hundreds of experiences to choose from
  • No expiration date
  • Get 20% off with code PAIGE-QM20 thru Feb 15
#2 Pick
Travel Adapter

Universal Travel Adapter & Voltage Converter

  • Includes plugs for all countries
  • Converts voltage for all countries
  • Charge up to 7 devices simultaneously
#3 Pick
Travel Scarf

Passport Scarf

  • Zipper pocket to hide away valuables
  • Cute colors to choose from
  • Stylish and practical

Best Travel Gifts 2023

Still shopping for the perfect gift for a travel-lover? Don’t worry, I have plenty of ideas for every type of traveler, and for every type of budget.

Travel Gifts Under $25

1. Eye Mask

Help your travel lover sleep soundly on any plane with this Sleep Eye Mask that has memory foam and a concave design to block out as much light as possible.

This is just one of the many great items that can help you survive your long-haul plane trip. And of course it’s also good for other methods of travel or even for falling asleep in an unfamiliar hotel room.

2. Packing Cubes

A good set of packing cubes will make your traveler’s life so much easier when packing for their trips. These Bagail Packing Cubes will help your traveler stay organized while packing for their vacation.

3. Fun Luggage Tags

These fun luggage tags make a great stocking stuffer gift. Now your traveler will easily be able to identify their bag at the airport! These tags come in a selection of fun colors and you can choose from glitter tags or a cute “Happy Travels” print.

4. A Really Good Travel Book

There’s plenty of time to read while traveling — while on a plane, while waiting for a train, during meals for solo travelers — so a good book is always a welcome gift for travelers!

I have a whole blog post on the best travel books, whether your reader likes fiction or nonfiction, memoirs or guidebooks. And of course, the book doesn’t even have to be travel-related. Get them a great beach read or a hot bestseller.

My #1 book recommendation? My very own What’s With Atlanta?, a trivia-like guidebook to all the quirks of Atlanta that answers all of your burning questions about life in the ATL.

5. Travel Noise Machine

A travel noise machine is probably the best travel gift I’ve ever received. I like to have white noise when I sleep, and this noise machine covers the unbearable silence of a hotel room and blocks outside noise. It has different sounds to choose from, and you can put the noise on a timer. It is also portable and compact so you can save some space in your luggage.

6. Travel Leggings

When your traveler is on the go, they’ll definitely want to wear something comfortable. These ultra soft leggings are always my go-to for airport wear. They come in more than 40 fun colors to choose from.

7. Selfie Stick

Everyone can use this Selfie Stick, from a solo traveler to a group traveler.

This selfie stick has Bluetooth pairing and even comes with a tripod so that your traveler can be a real selfie pro!

8. Selfie Button

Make taking selfies easier with the CamKix Wireless Bluetooth Shutter Remote Control.

This handy little gadget takes both photos and videos. Group pictures and selfies become incredibly easy with this little button!

9. Smart Phone Camera Lens Kit

The CamKix 3in1 Smart Phone Camera Lens Kit makes taking professional photographs easy with just your smart phone. This kit comes with a wide angle lens, a macro lens, and a fish eye lens, all of which clip on to your phone’s camera. This is the perfect gift for the budding travel photographer in your life!

10. Luggage Locks

Help your traveler keep their valuables safe! They can use luggage locks for their suitcase, backpack, purse, laptop case, and more. These Forge TSA-approved luggage locks come in fun colors and they’re easy to use. They also have an indicator so you know if TSA has opened the lock and inspected your luggage.

11. Passport Cover

International travelers will love this cute Passport Holder and Vaccine Card Holder with a world map design and RFID blocking for added security.

Your traveler can use this passport holder to organize all their important travel documents while traveling.

12. Passport Scarf

For your super trendy safe traveler, opt for the passport scarf.

These Pop Fashion Infinity Scarves have a zipper inside so you can stow your passport, phone, and money, and they come in a variety of colors to choose from. It’s safety and fashion all rolled into one!

13. Money Belt

The money belt is a classic way to keep your possessions safe while you travel.

This money belt by AIKELIDA is a top-rated discreet wallet that has RFID-blocking technology, water resistant fabric, and pocket space for passports, cash, tickets, and phones.

14. Neck Pouch

Another under-the-clothes option for keeping your money safe is the neck pouch. You wear this KEAFOLs Travel Pouch around your neck and under your clothes to guard against pickpockets.

This travel neck pouch comes with RFID-blocking technology and reinforced stitching to make it pickpocket-proof.

15. Earbud Wrap

If your traveler likes to bring simple earbuds on their trips, an earbud wrap is a must for keeping their cord from getting tangled. The Bluelounge Cableyoyo earbud wrap lets you coil your earbud cord in a pocket-sized pouch and keeps the earbuds in place with a magnet so that the cord doesn’t unwind.

16. Laptop Case

If your traveler always has to bring their laptop on trips, this Lacdo Laptop Sleeve fits 11-16 inch laptops, is water resistant, has front pockets to keep the mouse and charger close by, and has a handle so that you can easily carry it.

17. Fintie Folio Case for Amazon Fire Tablet

If your traveler brings their Amazon Fire Tablet on vacation, they’ll need to protect it with a case.

This Fintie Folio Case for Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet keeps your tablet in a protective sleeve, folds into a stand so that you can see the screen more comfortably, and is a perfect gift for the artsy traveler!

18. Floating Wrist Strap

Does your traveler like to be out on the water? This Waterproof Floating Wrist Strap keeps your valuables from floating away. It’s an absolute necessity so that you don’t lose your camera, phone, anything else you can attach.

This would make the perfect stocking stuffer for an adventurous traveler who’s always on the water!

19. Travel-Themed Calendar

I’m a big fan of calendars, especially ones with castles. Get your traveler their favorite travel-themed calendar so that they can mark all their trips for the year and count down the days until departure.

20. “Keep Calm and Carry On” Mouse Pad

Anglophiles will love this classic “Keep Calm and Carry On” Mouse Pad to keep them company at work and remind them to keep calm, a vacation is coming soon!

21. Travel-Inspired Paint by Numbers for Adults

For the traveler who loves to paint, get them a paint by numbers for adults of their favorite destination. Greece-lovers will adore this summer-in-Greece scene, and there are so many other destinations to choose from.

22. Camping Lighter

For the traveler who likes to camp, gift them this upgraded camping lighter that is battery powered. It can provide more than 600 uses on full charge, and it’s long, flexible neck makes it easy to light any fire, from a citronella candle to a camp fire.

23. Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice

Let your traveler go on an adventure and solve a mystery all without leaving the house. Nancy Drew, the classic girl detective, has a whole slew of computer games set in exotic locations that will transport you around the globe.

I recommend The Phantom of Venice, and I even made my own Nancy Drew tour of Venice last time I visited.

24. Fahlo Bracelets

Fahlo Polar Bear Venture Bracelet with Info Card

Does your traveler love wildlife? Get them a Fahlo bracelet that tracks an animal and helps save wildlife. Every bracelet comes with a unique animal to track, and a portion of your purchase goes to wildlife conservation organizations. You can gift your wildlife-lover a Sea Turtle, Elephant, Polar Bear, Shark, Penguin, Lion, Dolphin, or a Giraffe bracelet with an info card about their animal and an app to track their movement.

Use the discount code PMTG20 for 20% off your purchase.

25. Bag Bungee

Help your traveler make it through the airport with only carry-on by gifting them the Bag Bungee. This handy little bungee cord strap helps secure a second bag on top of a wheeled suitcase. Now, your traveler can carry their luggage through the airport with ease.

26. Scratch-Off Travel Map

This Scratch Travel Map is the perfect gift for globetrotters. Travelers will love scratching off the places they’ve been! This version is even a small, compact poster designed so that you can roll it up and carry it with you on your travels in its sturdy travel tube.

Gifts for Travelers Under $50

Featured Partner

Wanderlust Passport Travel Journal

Wanderlust Passport Travel Journal

Looking for a better way to remember your experiences? The Wanderlust Passport Travel Journal is the perfect travel companion to help you document your adventures in the US or abroad.

Check it out here!

27. High Quality Reusable Water Bottle

A high quality refillable water bottle is the most sustainable way your traveler can stay hydrated while they travel. Fill this up at the airport before your flight or anytime during your trip so that you have refreshing water anywhere you go. A reusable water bottle is a must-have for hiking trips so that you can leave no trace while you’re out enjoying nature.

28. Worldwide Plug Adapter

The international traveler doesn’t have to worry so much about what they plug in with the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter. This compact, travel-ready adapter comes with the major international adapter plugs and also converts all countries’ voltages to U.S. voltages so that you can charge your devices safely.

29. Portable Phone Charger

Every traveler needs a portable phone charger. You won’t have to worry about your phone running out of battery again. The Anker PowerCore Portable Phone Charger lets you charge your phone while you’re out and about, has high-speed charging, and is compact enough to fit in a purse or backpack.

30. LEGO Scuba Set

If your traveler has just gotten Scuba certified, then surprise them with their very own LEGO Scuba Yacht. They can build their own sleek diving yacht and go Scuba diving even while on dry land.

31. Memory Foam Travel Pillow

A good travel pillow is a must for those long-haul flights and car rides. The Cabeau Memory Foam Travel Pillow rolls up into a small, easy to pack pouch and pops out into shape when you’re ready for a nap.

The memory foam makes this pillow soft and comfy, and the sides keep your head in place while you sleep.

32. Portable Hammock

For the outdoorsy traveler, consider gifting a portable hammock. This portable hammock is lightweight and perfect for camping or travel. It comes with everything you need for quick and easy setup.

33. Compression Packing Cubes

Knack Expandable Packing Cubes in Medium and Large

Upgrade from regular packing cubes to compression packing cubes! I love these expandable packing cubes from Knack because they compress down to save even more space in my luggage. They’re designed specifically to fit in Knack backpacks, but they fit great in any luggage really.

Read my review of Knack’s expandable packing cubes to learn more.

34. Compressible Shoe Bag

Knack Compressible Shoe Bag

These compressible shoe bags from Knack are a handy little gift that will help your traveler keep their dirty shoes off their nice clean clothes when they pack. These bags also compress down to save some space in your luggage.

Gifts for Travelers Under $100

35. Pacsafe Shoulder Bag

This pickpocket-proof Pacsafe Metrosafe LS100 shoulder bag is small but still big enough for everything you want to carry for the day, and it looks really nice! This bag comes complete with RFID-blocking technology, cut-proof fabric, and zipper locks. It takes some getting used to opening the hooks and zippers, but it’s well worth it for your traveler’s peace of mind.

36. Garmin Activity Tracker

Hikers, runners, and all types of active travelers can use the Garmin vívosmart HR+ Activity Tracker (a cheaper alternative to a FitBit). The Garmin tracks steps, distance, floors climbed, and heart rate and can be paired to your phone so that you can get notifications and messages.

37. Wireless Earbuds

Get these SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds for your traveler who wants the active noise cancellation in a tiny package. I love these earbuds’ unique bean shape that allows them to sit comfortably in my ear (I’m not a fan of traditional earbuds). I can also confirm that these are great for being active while traveling — I wear them figure skating and have never had them fall out!

38. Waterproof Digital Camera

If you want a budget alternative to the pricey GoPro, this waterproof digital camera is a good choice.

Great for an adventure travel photographer who spends their vacation snorkeling or just splashing around in the water, the Vivitar HD Action Camera with a waterproof case takes awesome underwater photos and has a digital screen so that you can view all of your pictures.

Luxury Travel Gifts Over $100

39. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

I bought my Bose QuietComfort Headphones just hours before an 8 hour flight to London, and it was the best money I’ve ever spent. They’re noise-cancelling, so they block out the sounds of the jet engines, children crying, and other annoying plane noises. Plus, they’re wireless, so you won’t get tangled up in a cord trying to get up from your seat.

40. Hiking Backpack

Your hiker will love this Osprey Hiking Backpack. This simple, lightweight backpack is perfect for day hikes. It comes with an external sleeve for a water bladder, plenty of pockets for organization, and trekking pole attachments.

41. Wireless Headphones

For a cheaper option compared to the QuietComfort Headphones, opt for the Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones. These headphones are wireless and have the same great Bose sound quality, but they aren’t noise-cancelling.

42. GoPro Camera

The GoPro HERO11 allows your traveler to capture professional-quality adventure photos on their vacation. This little camera is waterproof, has stabilized video, and clear audio.

Learn more about what you can use a GoPro for here.

43. Amazon Fire Tablet

Read, watch movies, play games, and listen to music all from the Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet. It’s your traveler’s perfect go-to entertainment for every plane, train, car, and bus ride.

44. LEGO Tower Bridge

Anglophiles will love building their very own LEGO Tower Bridge. This set includes a working drawbridge, an iconic red double-decker bus, and three more vehicles. And check out these other LEGO sets for more famous landmarks.

45. Knack Pack

Knack Pack Medium Expandable Backpack in Gray

The expandable Knack Pack is perfect for travelers. This backpack’s expandable compartment alone holds 2 to 3 changes of clothes, and it has an easy-access suitcase lid. The medium Knack Pack meets most carry-on size requirements and fits under most airplane seats. There’s even a hidden sleeve that slips over suitcase handles so your traveler can more easily carry the bag when running through the airport.

Check out my review of the medium expandable Knack Pack here.

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Gifts to Keep the Home Safe While Traveling

46. Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

I love the Echo and Echo Dot for automating our lights, like our Christmas lights, when we’re away on travel so it’s not super obvious that we’re away from our home. Alexa also just makes a lot of things easier around the house when you’re too lazy and jetlagged to get up and turn off the lights yourself.

47. Smart Plugs and LED Smart Bulbs

You’ll need an array of smart technology so Alexa can automate your home while you’re out traveling. The Kasa Smart Plug Mini by TP-Link will let you plug in things like Christmas lights and put them on a timer. The Philips Hue LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit gives you everything you need so Alexa can turn on and off your lights when your hands are too full of luggage.

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Personalized Travel Gifts

48. Personalized Travel Mug

These insulated travel mugs make for the perfect travel gift. Put a personal touch with a laser-engraved name, date, monogram, logo, or whatever you want!

49. Personalized Travel Journal

Help your traveler keep a detailed journal of all their adventures with these custom travel journals! These leather diary journals can be laser-engraved with your personalization. They have 112 lined pages for your traveler to fill up!

You can find even more personalized travel gifts like this from Etsy.

50. Personalized Travel Jewelry Box

These personalized travel jewelry boxes are useful for on-the-go to keep your traveler’s jewelry untangled. Personalize the box with your traveler’s name for an extra special gift.

51. Personalized Travel Bag

Give the gift of a personalized travel bag. This personalized canvas travel bag is designed for ultimate space and comfort and is the perfect size for packing for a weekend away.

52. Personalized Photo Map

Your traveler can relive their special road trip memories with this personalized USA photo map. Customize it with your traveler’s name, and then watch as they enjoy filling in the memories with their own photos!

53. Personalized Travel Ornaments

Help your traveler decorate the perfect wanderlust-inspired Christmas tree! A personalized travel ornament is just the thing to help your traveler remember their favorite vacation spot or a memorable trip.

Check out my list of top travel ornaments that make the perfect gifts for travelers.

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Last Minute Travel Gift Ideas

54. Give Stories, Not Stuff with an Experience Gift Box

Tinggly Merry Christmas Box in front of a decorated Christmas tree
via Tinggly

Get 20% off all experience collections and hotel stay collections during their Valentine’s Day sale through February 15, 2024 using code PAIGE-QM20.

Give your traveler stories, not more stuff. Tinggly allows you to give a gift box full of amazing experiences that your traveler can choose from. You don’t have to decide what they might like – they get to choose it themselves!

Gift boxes offer experiences all over the world, and there is no expiration date, so your traveler can save the experience for their next big vacation or explore now in their own backyard. Get the Christmas Gift Box here.

Read more about why you should gift Tinggly experiences here.

55. Give the Gift of a Mystery Adventure

AmazingCo Picnic
via AmazingCo

Give your traveler a gift that’s full of surprises. An AmazingCo experience will keep your traveler occupied with mystery clues that let them explore their destination like never before.

You can gift your traveler a gift card value or you can pick out an AmazingCo mystery experience just for them — from mystery picnics to secret menu tastings to Insta-worthy adventures.

Read more about how the AmazingCo mystery experiences work here.

56. Give an E-Voucher for Adventure

Atlanta CityPASS, Adult, ages 13+

Give your traveler the gift of adventure. With a CityPASS, your traveler can see the major sights of select cities at a fraction of the cost of normal admission.

When you order the CityPASS, select the email option to gift it to your traveler, and they’re all set up for fun!

Read more about how the CityPASS works here.

57. Give a Japanese Food Tour Experience

Bowl of Ramen

For Japan-lovers and foodies, Arigato Japan culinary experiences are the perfect gift! Choose from over 40 different culinary adventures in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Mt Fuji Area, and Hiroshima.

If your traveler isn’t going to Japan just yet, you can even gift them an online experience that covers things like food education, trip planning, Japanese culture, and virtual travel.

Read more about Arigato Japan virtual tours here.

58. Order from Amazon

Doing some last-minute shopping? Get Amazon Prime for 2-day shipping! You can get a 30 day FREE trial of Amazon Prime here, and then you’ll be set for the holidays!

Now you know exactly what gifts to buy for the travelers in your life! Happy shopping!

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More Christmas Gifts for Travelers

Still shopping for the travel lovers on your list? Check out my Travel Experience Gifts guide, my Best Travel Décor gift guide, my Romantic Gifts for Travel Couples guide, my Travel Gifts from Target guide, or my Best Travel Gifts from Etsy guide. You’ll be finished with all of your holiday shopping in no time!

Ready to take a vacation? Plan your trip with these tips.



Best Travel Gift Ideas for Frequent Travelers

What travel gifts are you buying this year? Let me know in the comments!

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