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Jones Valley Loop Trail in Huntsville | Alabama Hikes

Hike the short Jones Valley Loop Trail in Huntsville, Alabama for a quick and easy hike along a picturesque stream.

The hike along the Jones Valley Loop Trail is great trail for bringing along the kids and dogs. It’s a very short trail at only about 0.8 miles and is a peaceful walk in the woods.

Here’s everything you need to know about hiking the Jones Valley Loop Trail at Belvins Gap Nature Preserve.

Jones Valley Loop Trail

Jones Valley Loop Trail at Belvins Gap Nature Preserve

The Jones Valley Loop Trail is located at Belvins Gap Nature Preserve, a Land Trust of North Alabama green space. You’ll access the loop trail at the Fanning Trailhead located behind Southeast Church of the Nazarene.

The trail is open and free to access from dawn to dusk daily when there is no church service. There is parking at the church right in front of the trailhead.

This is a great trail for bringing along the kids and dogs. It’s a very short trail at only about 0.8 miles.

Hiking the Jones Valley Loop Trail

Boardwalk on Jones Valley Loop Trail

The hike begins by crossing a boardwalk. It’s not long before you hit the loop junction. Since this trail is a loop, you can start either to the left or to the right. We took the trail to the left for this hike.

The Jones Valley Loop Trail crosses over a wooden bridge spanning Bailey Cove Branch. After a good rain, this stream creates a beautiful waterfall underneath the bridge. Unfortunately for us, it was bone dry for our hike. Bummer!

Bridge over Bailey Cove Branch on the Jones Valley Loop Trail, Huntsville, Alabama

The hike continues east, following along the stream (or stream bed if you’re hiking during the dry season like us) at a slight incline.

Keep an eye out for the markers to help you stay on the trail; the trail is normally well-marked, but the leaves can make it difficult to find in the fall. If you notice the markers look chewed up, that’s from the squirrels who, for some reason, love to chew on the metal markers!

The further upstream you hike, the more water you’ll see during the dry season. The stream trickles into a pool, but without rain, it won’t get much further. You can still see a few nice, tiny waterfalls.

There is a branch in the trail to the left which takes you on the Bailey Cove Trail. But to stay on the loop, you’ll want to turn to the right, heading back west and following the stream back downhill on the opposite side of Bailey Cove Branch.

The trail briefly diverts away from the stream, climbing uphill before coming back to the stream where you’ll cross across some large rocks. This is your halfway point.

Your hike completes back at the Fanning Trailhead for an approximately 0.8 mile loop hike.

Hiking Essentials

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Jones Valley Loop Trail Info

Hike length: 0.8 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Is it pet-friendly?: Yes, leashed dogs are allowed on this trail.

Location: Fanning Trail, Huntsville, AL 35802

Parking: Parking is available behind Southeast Church of the Nazarene in front of the Fanning Trailhead. You’ll find plenty of parking here when church is not in service.

Fees: Free

Hours: The trail is open from dawn to dusk

Accessibility: The Jones Valley Loop Trail is an unpaved trail with a few boardwalks and bridges.

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Alabama Hikes: Jones Valley Loop Trail

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