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7 Spooky and Haunted Places in Huntsville, Alabama

All Southern towns come with some ghost stories, and Huntsville, Alabama is no exception. Explore Huntsville’s eerie past and discover all the dark secrets hiding at these spooky and haunted places in Huntsville.

From old cemeteries to creepy mansions, Huntsville has its fair share of creepy places and tales. Discover the stories behind these eerie places and learn about their haunted pasts.

Get ready to explore the most haunted places in Huntsville, Alabama!

Maple Hill Cemetery, Haunted Huntsville, Alabama

Spooky Spots and Haunted Places in Huntsville

Do you believe in ghosts? If so, Huntsville, Alabama is the perfect destination for you to explore! Grab your flashlight and your courage let’s explore the most haunted locations in Huntsville!

1. Historic Huntsville Depot

Historic Huntsville Depot

Huntsville’s Historic Depot was built in 1860 and is the oldest surviving train depot in Alabama. While a train depot doesn’t seem like the most likely place for ghosts, the Huntsville Depot is said to be haunted by Civil War soldiers.

In 1862, the Depot was occupied by Union forces and used as a prison for Confederate soldiers. The Depot, now a museum, has preserved the graffiti that soldiers left on the wall, along with their ghostly spirits.

The ghosts are mostly sighted on the second and third floors. There are also reports of the specter of a train engineer still walking the platform, making sure the tracks are clear.

2. Dead Children’s Playground

Dead Children's Playground

Dead Children’s Playground at Huntsville’s historic Maple Hill Cemetery is probably the city’s favorite haunted spot. High school kids love to come here and hang out, hoping to catch a ghost, and around Halloween it’s a great spot for costume pictures (as you can see in the photo above).

The playground’s official name is Maple Hill Park. But local legend says that the children who died during the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic are buried in the plots in Maple Hill Cemetery adjacent to the playground. The spirits of those children come out to play in the park, especially after dark.

Back when the playground had its old equipment, dull metal swing sets, the park was certainly more eerie. The updated playsets do make the park less creepy, but that hasn’t stop the rumors of swings moving on their own and the sound of children’s laughter when there’s no one else around.

3. Thomas Bibb’s Grave

Thomas Bibb's Grave

Thomas Bibb was an important Alabama figure. A State Senator, the second Governor of Alabama, and a wealthy plantation owner, he certainly made his mark.

Bibb died in 1839 and was buried behind his beloved Belle Mina plantation in Limestone County. But not long after, his body was exhumed and moved to Maple Hill Cemetery.

Turns out, Bibb is not happy about the move. During the full moon, it is said that a carriage driven by white horses will pull up to his grave where Bibb’s ghost will be waiting. He’ll get into the spectral carriage and ride around the cemetery trying to find his way back to Belle Mina.

4. Mary Bibb’s Mausoleum

Mary Bibb Mausoleum

The Bibb family just cannot rest easy. The daughter-in-law of Thomas Bibb, Mary Chambers Bibb was accidentally poisoned on her wedding day — a maid accidentally gave her poison in place of the Epsom salts she used to lighten her skin before the wedding.

She died a few weeks later. Her family had this mausoleum specially made to allow her to be buried in her favorite rocking chair. This was the first mausoleum in Maple Hill Cemetery.

Local legend says that if you knock on the mausoleum, you’ll hear Mary Bibb rocking in her chair as an answer.

5. Weeden House

Weeden House, Huntsville, Alabama

The historic Weeden House Museum and Garden was built in 1819 and was the home of painter and poet Maria Howard Weeden. With more than 200 years of history, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most haunted homes in Huntsville.

The house is sometimes referred to as the “weeping house” because there are parts of the exterior that always peel away no matter how many times it’s painted.

There are other strange happenings inside the house. Sometimes the ornate grandfather clock with no working parts will chime on its own. There’s a rocking chair that won’t stay put in an upstairs bedroom. Some people even think the spirit of Maria Howard Weeden, who died in the same room of the house in which she was born, still lingers.

6. Lowry House

Lowry House
Chris Pruitt, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1850, the historic Lowry House served as a stop on the Underground Railroad. Today, the house is open for tours and serves as a backdrop for theatrical performances and other events. But there are haunted souls still roaming the property.

Anne Lowry was murdered on the front steps of the home as she waited for her husband to come home from the war. When the home was being restored in the 1990s, the construction workers witnessed a woman standing in the window of the front room. This Lady in White is believed to be Anne.

There are countless reports of strange noises throughout the house, the feeling of being followed, and even a full-bodied apparition in the kitchen that could be the ghosts of rumored bodies buried on the property in unmarked graves.

7. Salem Witch House Replica

Salem Witch House Replica in Huntsville

While not haunted (that I know of), Huntsville’s Witch House is a unique spooky find. This 1995 home was built as a replica of the 17th century Witch House in Salem, Massachusetts, the home of the judge who sentenced 19 accused witches to death during the Salem Witch Trials.

The owner of Huntsville’s replica was inspired by the original home’s simplicity. Though the exterior looks just like the home in Salem, the inside is nothing like the original.

For Halloween, the owner likes to don a witches hat, grab her broom, and really lean in to the witch theme as she welcomes trick-or-treaters to her unique home.

Ghost Tours and Events in Huntsville

Ready to see a ghost? Or just want to celebrate all spooky season long? Huntsville has some great Halloween events and ghost tours that you can enjoy!

Huntsville Ghost Walk

Huntsville Ghost Walks take place on the weekends every September through Halloween. The sites on these walks have been vetted by a medium and thoroughly researched, so you know you’re getting local history and not just made up stories.

Guided tours from costumed storytellers are offered in three different historic districts: Twickenham (where you’ll see historic homes like the Weeden House), Old Town (where the Salem Witch House replica is located), and Downtown (in and around the Square).

Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll

The Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll is one of the largest living history strolls in the United States. More than 75 costumed characters bring Huntsville’s history to life in the city’s most haunted and historic cemetery each fall.

The event is free and is a great way to learn more about the spirits laid to rest in the cemetery.

Boos Cruise Pedal Pub

During the month of October, the Rocket City Rover pedal pub does a spirited Boos Cruise. Grab a purple cup of your favorite spirit and pedal through Huntsville’s dark alleys and empty streets.

Guides from the Huntsville Ghost Walk will tell you ghost stories from Huntsville’s haunted past as you ride.

Haunted Huntsville Map

Ready to explore all these haunted places in Huntsville? Use the map below to plan your ghost hunt!

I hope you enjoy exploring Huntsville’s most haunted places and learning a little about Huntsville history along the way!

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7 Spooky and Haunted Places in Huntsville, Alabama

What are your favorite haunted places in Huntsville, Alabama? Let me know in the comments!

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