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The Best Things to Do on a Costa Rica Honeymoon

Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is 20,000 square miles of rugged mountains, relaxing beaches, and rich rainforests, which means there’s always something new to try from relaxing at a spa to hanging out with monkeys in the trees. Here are some of the best things to do on your Costa Rica honeymoon.

A Costa Rica honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime, and there are plenty of incredible experiences for you and your new spouse to explore!

Whether you want to take a romantic stroll on the beach or explore the depths of the rainforest, there is something for every newly married couple in this tropical paradise. From horseback riding tours of active volcanoes to taking a dip in the healing hot springs, here are some of the best things to do on a Costa Rica honeymoon.

With its stunning beaches and lush jungles, you can expect to create lifetime memories on a romantic Costa Rica getaway.

Best Resorts for a Costa Rica Honeymoon

An important things to figure out for your Costa Rica honeymoon is where to stay. Costa Rica is a gorgeous country with many equally gorgeous resorts. It can be hard to choose!

Kevin and I stayed at the Occidental Papagayo on Playa Hermosa in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. This 5-star resort is all-inclusive and is adults-only, which you really can’t beat for a honeymoon trip! Each room comes with a balcony or terrace where you can look out and admire the mountains or the sunset over the water.

Costa Rica Honeymoon Resort

The resort has two restaurants as well as a buffet, snack bar, and lobby bar. The hotel also has a large pool and provides daily activities like kayaking and snorkeling.

Where to Stay in Costa Rica

Find the perfect place to rest your head on your visit to Costa Rica, from the top rated accommodations to unique stays you can’t get anywhere else.

Top Things to Do on a Costa Rica Honeymoon

1. Relax at the Beach or Pool

Costa Rica Sunset

Even though my Kevin and I didn’t have a long flight to Costa Rica, it was still nice to spend our day after traveling relaxing by the water with a drink in hand.

With 800 miles of coastline, you’ll have no trouble finding your perfect Costa Rica beach. The water on the Pacific coast where we were staying in the Guanacaste region was cold but not unbearable.

The pool at our resort was warm by comparison, but offered pool-side drink service to always keep you quenched, and we took full advantage of this service by trying every tropical drink we could think of. There’s nothing like finishing your day with a sunset walk on the beach.

2. Hike the Rainforests, Cloud Forests, and Dry Forests

Costa Rica Hiking

Costa Rica has an unmatched biodiversity, and it is home to many different types of animals, plants, and climates. The popular rainforests are located in the southern region of the country. These rainforests are one of the best places to see many different types of Costa Rican wildlife.

The magical cloud forests encompassed by fog are found across the country in the slopes of mountains and volcanoes. Dry forests are found near the North Pacific coast in the Guanacaste province, where we were staying. These forests are less dense and offer better visuals of wildlife.

Because there’s so much do in Costa Rica, we booked a day tour to Rincon de la Vieja National Park, which is made up of a dry forest. We hiked a short distance, all geared up for zip lining, to the top of the mountain for our canopy zip line tour.

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3. Zip Line the Canopy

Zip Line Costa Rica

Practically every tour company in Costa Rica offers a zip line tour for the adventurously spirited to view the forests from above while gliding from tree to tree just like a monkey. Our canopy zip line tour consisted of 12 lines that started off nice and slow and then got longer and faster as you learned the ropes.

While we waited for our turn to zip hanging in the balance on a hanging bridge high above the forest floor, we were able to watch and listen to howler monkeys swinging in the trees just a few feet away.

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4. Take a Ride on a Waterslide

Many tour companies also offer a waterslide portion of their day trips.

Our tour to the Rincon de la Vieja National Park boasted of 1,300 foot slide, the longest waterslide in Costa Rica. The water was cold, but after the first rush of speed the waterslide became a relaxing ride.

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5. Go Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding in Costa Rica

Another great way to see Costa Rica’s many forests is from below on horseback.

Our tour took us up and down the steep mountain terrain on the way to the park’s spa. While trekking through the forest, we even saw a couple spider monkeys come down from the canopy.

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6. Rejuvenate at Volcanic Hot Springs

Costa Rica Mud Bath

Costa Rica takes advantage of its many volcanos by creating spas with hot springs warmed by the volcanic heat. Here we were able to enjoy a mud bath, sauna, and the healing properties of the natural hot springs in varying degrees of hotness.

And how many opportunities do you get to play in the mud on a normal day? Take advantage of the fun along with the mud’s rejuvenating properties!

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7. Whatever You Do On Your Costa Rica Honeymoon, Try Something New!

Costa Rican Sunset

Whether it’s snorkeling or kayaking or learning to surf, the adventurous spirit of Costa Rica lends itself to trying something new. Kevin and I wanted to try snorkeling, but unfortunately we were never able to schedule a time.

Instead, we learned to play croquet and make friends with a few other couples thanks to a game our resort set up. There’s nothing like coming home from a vacation having learned something new!

Top Costa Rica Tours

With so much to see, Costa Rica can be overwhelming for any first-time traveler. To take some of the stress out of planning your visit, opt for a guided tour! Check out this list of the top Costa Rica tours to help you make the most of your time in this beautiful Central American country.

More Costa Rica Travel Tips

Make the most of your trip to Costa Rica, whether it’s a honeymoon or a regular vacation. Check out these travel tips and itineraries:

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The Best Things to Do on a Costa Rica Honeymoon

What are your favorite things to do on a Costa Rica honeymoon? Tell me in the comments!

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