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How to Use Tripadvisor to Find Cheap Hotel Stays

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Tripadvisor helps millions of travelers each month plan for trips. You may think of Tripadvisor as just a place to find reviews and opinions from fellow travelers, but it’s also a great place to search for cheap hotel stays.

What Is Tripadvisor?

Tripadvisor began as a review platform but has since grown into a metasearch engine where you can search prices for hotels, flights, and more. Today, you can browse more than 859 million reviews of 8.6 million accommodations, restaurants, experiences, airlines, and cruises.

The platform even has its own travel forum so you can ask and answer questions about travel. Tripadvisor is a great resource for researching and planning your trip.

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Why Use Tripadvisor to Find Cheap Hotel Stays

Tripadvisor is no long just a platform for reading reviews; you can find hotels and compare prices through the site as well.

You can use Tripadvisor to compare prices on over 200 hotel websites. Comparing prices is the best way to find the cheapest hotel stay, and with Tripadvisor you can do this all in one convenient place.

Tripadvisor’s reviews from real travelers can help you make your ultimate decision on which hotel is worth the price. Reviewers can provide their unique opinions and post photos of the hotel so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Hotels managers can even respond to reviews, so you know if the hotel is taking steps to address any issues.

Want to find highly rated hotels? Tripadvisor makes that easy with their Certificate of Excellence for hotels that consistently earn rave reviews from travelers. The site’s Hotel Popularity Index provides a 5 star ranking system so you can easily see how high or low a hotel’s overall reviews are.

Tripadvisor also provides other accolades like a 100-point walkability scale and the GreenLeader status for environmentally-friendly hotels.

You can further plan out your trip in one convenient place once you’ve booked your hotel by browsing Tripadvisor’s city guides, restaurant reviews, attraction reviews, and tour offerings.

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How to Find Cheap Hotels With Tripadvisor

1. Click on Hotels in the main search menu and then select your destination. If you know your travel dates, you can enter those as well as the number of travelers at the top.

How to Use Tripadvisor for Hotels

2. On the left of the screen, you can filter using options such as price, amenities, property types, and distance from popular landmarks. There is also a map to search by location.

How to Use Tripadvisor for Hotels

3. The search results page gives basic information about the hotel, such as its Popularity Index ranking and amenities offered, along with pricing. The price displayed on this page is NOT necessarily the cheapest price.

4. Click on the name of the hotel to see more information, including all price deals so you can find the cheapest price.

How to Use Tripadvisor for Hotels

5. View photos on the top right of the screen. Beneath that, you’ll find basic information about the hotel. Further down the page is information about the hotel’s location. And further down you’ll find reviews, community questions, and room tips.

6. Click on the View Deal button at the top of the page to take you to the hotel website or online travel agency that is offering that price. You can then book the hotel.

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How to Use Tripadvisor to Find Cheap Hotel Stays

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