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How To Spend a Day in Mainz, Germany

Mainz is a beautiful city on the Rhine River is known for its old town, the distinctive Romanesque Mainz Cathedral, and for being the birthplace of Johannes Gutenberg. There are plenty of things to do in Mainz in just a day. Plan your perfect day trip to Mainz, Germany with this itinerary!

Put on your walking shoes and get ready to see the best of Mainz in one day!

Immerse yourself in history at the Mainz Cathedral, explore the Gutenberg Museum, and enjoy classic German cuisine — all in a single day.

Mainz has a lot to offer! Use this guide to plan your day trip and explore one of Germany’s most treasured cities.

Mainz, Germany

A Day Trip to Mainz

Mainz is a great city for a day trip! It’s just a 20 minute train ride from Frankfurt to Mainz, or about a 40 minute drive. My family and I took our day trip to Mainz from Kaiserslautern, just a 2 hour train ride.

The city is easily accessible no matter where you’re taking your day trip from. Mainz is also super walkable, so you can explore many of the city’s top sights on foot.

Top Things to Do on a Day Trip to Mainz

Mainz, Germany is a bustling and vibrant city with a lot to offer. Check out these top things to do on your day in Mainz.

1. Mainz Cathedral (Mainzer Dom)

Mainz Cathedral

The beautiful Mainzer Dom (Mainz Cathedral) was founded in 975. This powerful structure is made up of various architectural influences, including Romanesque, Ottonian, Gothic, and Baroque styles.

The cathedral is one of the most iconic sights in the city, and is a must-visit on your day trip to Mainz.

Mainz Cathedral is open daily, and entrance to the cathedral is free.

2. Gutenberg Museum

Gutenburg Printing Press

Located not far from Mainz Cathedral is the Gutenberg Museum, one of the oldest museums of printing in the world. The museum is named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the movable-type printing press who was born in and lived in Mainz.

Their collection includes printing equipment and examples of printed materials from across many centuries. The permanent exhibition details the life and work of Gutenberg, the historic development of books and media, printing technology since the 15th century, and more.

One of the main highlights of the Gutenberg Museum is their collection of two Gutenberg Bibles. Their treasure vault contains the complete two-volume Shuckburgh copy from 1452-1455 and one volume of the Laubach copy from 1452-1455.

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3. Fastnachtsbrunnen (Carnival Fountain)

Carnival Fountain

Located on Schillerplatz, the Fastnachtsbrunnen (Carnival Fountain) symbolizes Mainz’s months-long carnival celebration. The sculpture was unveiled in 1967 and depicts over 200 figures from Mainz’s carnival mythology.

Mainz Carnival typically begins on November 11 and culminates in the days before Ash Wednesday, typically at the end of February or beginning of March. It is one of the largest carnival events in Germany. Carnival traditions include celebrations, parades, street parties, satirical portrayals of politician, and literary humor.

Altweiberfastnacht, the beginning of the six-day peak of the carnival season celebrated on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, begins in front of the Fastnachtsbrunnen. This big party with live music invites everyone to begin the carnival festivities in earnest.

4. Mainz Christmas Market

Mainz Christmas Market

If you’re visiting Mainz in the winter, you won’t want to miss the Historischer Mainzer Weihnachtsmarkt (Historical Mainz Christmas Market). Booths are set up in front of the 1,000-year-old Mainz Cathedral with lights decorating the square. There is also an 11-metre high Christmas pyramid at the entrance of the market.

The Mainz Christmas Market is complete with decorated wooden booths, Christmas goods and gifts for sale, delicious traditional eats like Bratwursts and potato pancakes, and the all-important collectable mug of Glühwein.

You won’t want to miss celebrating the Christmas season in this absolutely beautiful setting!

Where to Eat and Drink in Mainz

Indulge in the best German cuisine! Check out these top spots to eat and drink in Mainz.

1. Vinotheka Moguntia

Vinotheka Moguntia

Vinotheka Moguntia is a wine bar located just steps from the Mainz Cathedral. They serve light snacks, plenty of wine, a and a few beers. The staff is very friendly and helpful if you’re looking for a new wine to try. This is a great spot to stop for a break in touring around Mainz.

2. Stadthaus Schänke

Stadthaus Schänke

Stadthaus Schänke is a small restaurant serving German classics like schnitzel and pork knuckles. They have a changing weekly menu full of seasonal specialties. They have a very good Jäger Schnitzel and Mushroom Schnitzel.

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Top Tours of Mainz

Take a guided tour of Mainz to get the most out of your visit. You’ll learn the history of this remarkable city from a professional local guide on these top tours. Check out the best tours for your day trip to Mainz:

  • Mainz Private Walking Tour — This 2 hour walking tour with a professional guide will give you a great overview of the history of Mainz.
  • Gutenberg and Mainz Cathedral Tour — See the two biggest attractions in Mainz with a professional private guide to give you in-depth history into both sights.
  • Private City Tour: Typical Mainz! — Get the best of Mainz on this 90 minute, relaxed walking tour that deviates from the usual tourist path as often as possible.
  • Mainz Christmas Market Tour — Learn all about Germany’s Christmas traditions as you explore Mainz’s beautiful Christmas Market with a professional guide.

Where to Stay in Mainz

Find the perfect place to rest your head on your visit to Mainz, from the top rated accommodations to unique stays you can’t get anywhere else.

Mapping Out Your Day in Mainz

Ready to explore Mainz’s best attractions and places to eat? Use the map below to help plan out your day exploring Mainz, Germany.

I hope this guide helps you plan out your perfect day trip to Mainz!

More Things to Do in Germany

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Ready to visit Mainz, Germany? Plan your trip with these tips.

  • Book Your Flight: Find the cheapest flights using Skyscanner, my favorite flight search engine.
  • Find Accommodation: You can find top hotels in Mainz using
  • Start Packing: Check out my packing list resources so you’re prepared for your trip.



How To Spend a Day in Mainz, Germany

Have you taken a day trip to Mainz? Let me know your favorite things to do there in the comments!

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