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Cabin Screened-in Porch in Ellijay, Georgia

Set against the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, the small town of Ellijay, Georgia is known as the Apple Capital of Georgia. But for Memorial Day Weekend, we weren’t here for any apple picking; we visited Ellijay with a group of friends for a relaxing cabin getaway in the mountains.

Mountain Cabin Getaway

Blue Garnet Cabin, Ellijay, Georgia

Our cabin, the Blue Garnet

, was located in the Coosawattee River Resort area, which is a gated community of cabins and campsites that mostly seem like they’re for vacation rentals rather than actual living.

The cabin we were staying in was way up the mountain and with all the winding and gravel roads, it took about 15-20 minutes to get from the front gate to the cabin, so once you’re in, you don’t really want to go back out. This was fine for our purposes; we were really just there to cabin and not much else.

Like all good cabins should be, this cabin had lots of bear and moose decorations, from the pictures on the walls to the pillows to the rugs. I instantly felt right at home.

Blue Garnet Cabin Living Room, Ellijay, Georgia

We rented this cabin because it had plenty of rooms for our group of 8 and it had a hot tub. We were able to sprawl out, play games, cook dinner, hang out on the porch swing, and bond without feeling like we were constantly on top of each other.

The one major downside was that we couldn’t turn the AC in the cabin lower than 77 degrees or the unit would freeze. With temperatures being in the 90s all weekend, this made being inside the cabin sweltering, and there’s just no way to cool down. We ended up using the hot tub more as a pool because being in the 85 degree water was cooler than being inside.

Deer in Ellijay, Georgia

On the drive up the mountain, we passed so many deer. They were wandering all throughout the yards and standing on the side of the road and leisurely crossing the roads. We even saw a bunch of deer at our own cabin while we were chilling out in the hot tub. (Unfortunately, we did not see any bears like during our cabin weekend in Helen.)

Where to Stay in Ellijay

Find the perfect place to rest your head on your visit to Ellijay, from the top rated accommodations to unique stays you can’t get anywhere else.

Things to Do in Ellijay

Welcome to Ellijay Coca-Cola Mural, Ellijay, Georgia

We did get out of the cabin for one day to explore Downtown Ellijay. Here are a few things you can do in the area:

Wine Tasting

We had originally planned on doing some wine tastings since North Georgia is wine country. There are a handful of wineries that are actually in Ellijay and there are plenty more close by. You can check out my post about a wine tour with Murphy’s Winery Transport to learn more about the vineyards in the area.

We ended up not doing any wine tours on this trip, but we did sample some Cartecay Vineyards wines at Mountain Treasures on the square; they make boozy slushies with wine that are phenomenal.


Tubing is also popular in Ellijay, but we decided against doing this because the county does not permit alcohol on the river. We really wanted a boozy weekend, so that didn’t fit in with our plans. There are a few companies that will take you tubing, though, like the Coosawatee River Tubing Co. located in the Coosawatee River Resort and the Cartecay River Experience. We have all the gear from shooting the ‘Hooch, so we would have rather done it on our own anyway.


Antique Store, Ellijay, Georgia

Downtown Ellijay is great for some antique shopping. There are about 6 antique shops just in the downtown area, and we hit nearly all of them. A lot of the stuff is mountain-themed, like all the moose and bear stuff we found in our cabin. But, like in all antique stores, you can find a variety of treasures.


If you’re in Ellijay in the fall, definitely check out the Georgia Apple Festival and the many apple orchards around town for apple picking season.

There were also two May events in Ellijay that we just missed: the Georgia Apple Blossom Festival when you get to see the apple orchards change color with blooms; and the Taste of Ellijay held the Thursday before Memorial Day where you can sample some local restaurant cuisine.

More Things To Do In Ellijay, Georgia

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Ready to visit Ellijay, Georgia? Plan your trip with these tips.



Cabin Getaway Weekend in Ellijay, Georgia

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