How to Spend Christmas in San Antonio

Shops at Rivercenter

After three years of spending Christmas in San Antonio, my family and I pretty much have this whole Christmas-in-Texas thing down. Here’s how to have a Watts family-style Christmas in the Alamo City:  Continue reading


Traveling to Belfast and the Antrim Coast

Antrim Coast

Belfast has been the capital of Northern Ireland since its establishment in 1921. Belfast and Antrim Coast have played a crucial part in Northern Irish history, from the High Kings of ancient Ireland to the building of the Titanic. When you take a trip on the Antrim Coast, you’ll discover why it’s one of the top-rated road trips in the world! Continue reading

8 Things to See and Do In Dublin

Dublin Castle

The Republic of Ireland‘s capital city, Dublin is steeped in rich culture and history. Around every twist and turn of the city’s narrow streets is something new to discover. Even with this being my third trip to Dublin, I’ve still found new things to do while also visiting some of the classic tourist destinations: Continue reading

Traveling 4,000 Miles for College Football

Georgia Tech Football in Ireland

For years I’ve been trying to get my family to go to Ireland, ever since our first trip to London in 2012. I love Ireland, it’s one of my favorite places, but I am not enough to convince my family to take a trip to Ireland. But college football is. Besides being the weirdest reason to tell people you’re going on vacation for (“You’re going to Ireland for American football?”), the trip came with plenty of perks. Continue reading

7 Things to Do In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Luxury Travel

Costa Rica is 20,000 square miles of rugged mountains, relaxing beaches, and rich rainforests, which means there’s always something new to try from relaxing at a spa to hanging out with monkeys in the trees. Here are my recommended 7 things to do in Costa Rica from my recent trip: Continue reading

Costa Rican Wildlife

Howler Monkey Costa Rica

On our recent trip to Costa Rica, my boyfriend and I came across a ton of wildlife, plenty of which we weren’t prepared to see (climbing all over our porch in the middle of the night). If you want to know what kind of wildlife you might come across on your next Costa Rica vacation, read on! Continue reading

Perfect Drinks For a Costa Rica Vacation

Tropical Drinks

On our recent trip to Costa Rica, my boyfriend and I took advantage of our all-inclusive resort’s many bars and poolside drink service in order to taste test any mixed drinks we may have been too hesitant to spend money on at a normal bar. After extensive trial and error, we present to you the best drinks to try on your Costa Rica vacation: Continue reading