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Wine Tasting in Tuscany Should Be on Your Bucket List

Wine Tasting in Tuscany, Italy

The drive from Rome to Florence takes you through the beautiful landscape of Tuscany. This scenic drive along the Highway of the Sun takes you past the historic towns of Orte and Orvieto, perched atop volcanic rock, and into the height of the region’s famed vineyards. Find out why you should add wine tasting in Tuscany to your Italy bucket list.

Chianti Wine Tasting

Chianti Wine Vineyard at Tenuta Torciano Winery, Tuscany, Italy

Chianti is a region in Tuscany stretching between Florence and Siena that has been recognized as a wine-region since the 13th century. To be classified as a Chianti wine, it must be produced in the Chianti region, obviously, with at least 80% Sangiovese grapes.

Our bus tour of Italy rolled into the Chianti region at about 11 a.m., which is a pretty early start for wine tasting.

At the Tenuta Torciano Winery, the happiest woman in the world greeted us. She loves wine and she loves her job, and it showed as she called us “beautiful people” and bounced on her toes as she walked.

Wine Tasting at Tenuta Torciano Winery, Tuscany, Italy

We took our seats under billowing canopies on an outdoor patio. Our hostess immediately introduced us to our first two wines, a white and a red.

She taught us how to hold our wine glasses (finger and thumb on the stem, the other fingers supporting under the bottom of the glass) and showed us how to taste the wine (a lot of swirling, a big sniff, a lot of swishing, some puckering of the lips, and other things that felt very silly, but in a good way).

Then came the “light” lunch, which was really about three courses of meat and cheese, soup, and lasagna. While we ate, our hostess brought out new bottles of wine for us to try.

But we had to empty our glasses before getting a new pour, which meant dumping it in the spittoon or chugging, so you know Kevin and I chugged! We aren’t huge red wine fans, but we won’t let a good wine go to waste.

Wine Tasting at Tenuta Torciano Winery, Tuscany, Italy

At the end of our hour and a half or so there, we had tried eight different wines, a few different olive oils, and three delicious courses.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano, Italy

What do you do after having eight glasses of wine? We climbed a tall tower!

After our Chianti wine tasting, our tour rushed us back onto the bus and to San Gimignano. Being rushed like this is not the most fun thing to do after a bunch of wine, but we survived.

San Gimignano, Italy

San Gimignano is a small walled medieval town set high up on a hill. It is known as the Town of Fine Towers for its 14 preserved tower houses.

We didn’t have long in San Gimignano, so we climbed the winding streets of the town to the Palazzo Comunale and the Torre Grossa (the Great Tower).

Part of the Musei Civici of San Gimignano, the admission lets you explore a couple exhibits of paintings as well as climb to the top of the 54-meter bell tower. It’s 218 steps to the top, with the last few being a short ladder to climb. At the top, you get panoramic views of the walled city and the Tuscan countryside.

Top of San Gimignano Bell Tower, Tuscany, Italy

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Wine Tasting in Tuscany Should Be on Your Bucket List

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  1. Yep, it definitely is on my bucket list! I know Florence, Pisa and Luca, but a vineyard tour sounds great! Can’t wait to travel in normal conditions again, whatever “normal” will be from now on…

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