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Looking for somewhere new to eat? Check out these top restaurants to try in Douglas, Georgia!

Are you a foodie who loves to explore the best restaurants in town? Douglas is full of culinary surprises.

From traditional Southern favorites to a taste of Asia to the flavors from south of the border, this small town has plenty of delicious options to satisfy any craving.

Read on and savor the best restaurants that Douglas, Georgia has to offer!

Flying Cowboy Restaurant, Douglas, Georgia

Top Restaurants in Douglas, Georgia

What kind of food are you in the mood for? Your mouth will be watering after checking out these top restaurants in Douglas.

1. The Fern Bank Bar & Grille

The Fern Bank Restaurant, Douglas, Georgia

Located in Historic Downtown Douglas, The Fern Bank Bar & Grille is the place to go to get a great steak or angus beef burger.

Don’t be put off by the use of plastic plates and utensils — the place knows how to cook! You can step out back and watch them grill your steak to be sure.

235 S Peterson Ave, Douglas, GA 31533

2. El 1800 Mexican Restaurant

You can’t go wrong with a Mexican restaurant named for a tequila! This restaurant is perfect for happy hour.

El 1800 Mexican Restaurant serves classic Mexican food, famed margaritas, crunchy guacamole, and has live music throughout the week.

1600 S Peterson Ave, Douglas, GA 31535

3. Surcheros

Surcheros, Douglas, Georgia

Surcheros is a Douglas, Georgia original that has successfully branched out all across South Georgia and even into Florida.

At Surcheros, you can indulge in freshly prepared Tex-Mex made with ingredients from local farmers and growers in the community.

500 N Peterson Ave, Douglas, GA 31533

4. Cow Tippers

Cow Tippers Burger

Cow Tippers is a Douglas burger restaurant serving great hamburgers, wings, hot dogs, tacos, and beer.

You can build your own burger with a range of toppings from the regular lettuce and tomato to interesting toppings like mac-n-cheese and chili. Or you can choose from a selection of specialty burgers.

216 N Madison Ave, Douglas, GA 31533

5. Hog-N-Bones

Hog-N-Bones, Douglas, Georgia

If you’re craving a full homemade Southern breakfast as well as real, authentic barbeque, then Hog-N-Bones is what you want!

They’ve been serving up homemade breakfast, barbeque, a great family atmosphere, and a “smokin’ fast” drive-thru since 2007.

24 Ameris Dr, Douglas, GA 31535

6. Flyin’ Cowboy

Flying Cowboy, Douglas, Georgia

In front of the Flying Cowboy restaurant is a crashed airplane, and the Douglas Municipal Airport’s runway runs along the back of the building.

They’ve got a menu with a little bit of everything on it and, maybe most importantly, they’re the “Home of the Free Scoop” — you get a free scoop of ice cream with your meal!

1645 S Peterson Ave, Douglas, GA 31535

7. Danny’s Pizza

If you’re hungry for huge calzones, a pizza to share, classic pasta dishes, or Italian-style sandwiches, then opt for Danny’s Pizza.

Danny’s is a Douglas institution that has been locally owned and operated for over 50 years.

218 E Ward St, Douglas, GA 31533

8. Peking House

Peking House is a top-notch Chinese buffet restaurant in Douglas.

Their selection includes classics like sweet-and-sour chicken, sesame chicken, and shrimp as well as some classic Southern foods like fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

907 S Peterson Ave, Douglas, GA 31533

9. Johnny’s Pizza

A New York-style pizza chain, what’s on the menu at Johnny’s New York Style Pizza is pretty self-explanatory (hint: it’s pizza).

In addition to pizza, they also have pasta, calzones, sub sandwiches — all the New York foods!

329 S Peterson Ave, Douglas, GA 31533

10. Tokyo Express

Tokyo Express, Douglas, Georgia

Tokyo Express was the first Japanese restaurant in Douglas and is a go-to spot for sushi and hibachi-style meals.

You can enjoy Japanese rice and noodle dishes prepared on teppanyaki grill tables or handmade sushi rolls and sashimi.

1308 S Madison Ave, Douglas, GA 31533

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Restaurants to Try in Douglas, Georgia

I need more suggestions of restaurants to try in Douglas, Georgia! Leave your favorite places to eat in Douglas in the comments!

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