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Tips for Visiting General Coffee State Park

Settle down, coffee lovers. General Coffee State Park is not a park for coffee in general; it’s a park in honor of General John Coffee. And though it is not a coffee-centric theme park, it does have plenty to offer in horseback riding trails, camping, and agricultural history.

Do you want to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of General Coffee State Park? Visiting this park can be a great way to spend some quality time admiring nature.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful day lounging lakeside or a weekend of outdoor adventure, this stunning park offers plenty of activities.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your visit to General Coffee State Park.

General Coffee State Park

About General Coffee State Park

Coffee County citizens donated General Coffee State Park to the state in 1970. It is named after General John E. Coffee, a planter (not of coffee, unfortunately), U.S. Congressman, and military leader in the Georgia state militia.

The state park covers 1,500 acres and includes a 4 acre lake and great agricultural history exhibits. The park’s Heritage Farm is complete with log cabins, a corn crib, tobacco barn, cane mill, and other agricultural exhibits. The farm is loaded with animals, including goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, and donkeys.

Seventeen Mile River winds its way through the state park, creating six different lakes and a cypress swamp where rare and endangered plants and animals, like Indigo Snakes and Gopher Tortoises, thrive.

Located in Nicholls, General Coffee State Park is in the heart of South Georgia and near the town of Douglas.

Dogs and pets are allowed at all Georgia State Parks as long as they’re leashed.

Parking at the General Coffee State Park costs $5. The park is open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.. The park’s office is open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

General Coffee State Park Facilities

Christmas on the Pond, General Coffee State Park

If you’re looking to stay overnight at the park, they have 50 tent, trailer, & RV campsites; 10 dry camping sites; 4 cottages; 4 equestrian campsites; 4 backcountry campsites; 2 pioneer campgrounds; and 1 group lodge.

If you just want to picnic for the day, they offer 7 picnic shelters, 1 group shelter, and 1 campground shelter.

There’s plenty of space for play at the park’s playground and ball field. The park also has an outdoor amphitheater.

General Coffee State Park Trails

General Coffee State Park has 4 miles of hiking and biking trails and 13.4 miles of horseback riding trails.

Hiking Trails

General Coffee State Park Lake
  • The 0.5 mile loop Heritage Farm Interpretive Walk takes you around the pond and Heritage Farm.
  • The 1.25 mile East River Trail follows a boardwalk across the Seventeen Mile River before rapidly climbing a dry sand hill.
  • The 1.4 mile West River Trail is the oldest trail in the park, following along the edge of the Seventeen Mile River before ascending into a pine forest.
  • The 1.5 Gopher Loop takes you into the sand hill management area where there are many Gopher Tortoise colonies.

Hiking Essentials

Come prepared for your hike by making sure you pack the essentials. Check out this must-have hiking gear before you set off on the trails:

Horseback Riding Trails

General Coffee State Park Horses

The park features one-way horse trails that loop through the eastern side of the property. The park charges a small fee for the use of horse trails.

The horseback riding trails will take you through the lower sand hill areas that have regrown as mixed oak forest, through a unique scrub area at the back of the park, and along the edge of the Seventeen Mile River and Otter Creek.

  • 2.2 mile loop Otter Creek Equestrian Trail
  • 0.8 mile Connector Equestrian Trail
  • 1.6 mile loop Yellow Jacket Equestrian Trail
  • 4.8 mile River Equestrian Trail

More Things To Do at General Coffee State Park

General Coffee State Park

There is plenty more to do at this state park.

The park offers biking and bike rentals as well as kayaking, canoeing, and pedal boating with rentals. You can bring your own boat as well, and fishing is allowed at the state park.

The park also has geocaching, educational programs, and wedding facilities.

General Coffee State Park FAQ

What is there to do at General Coffee State Park?

At General Coffee State Park, you can go hiking, horseback riding, bike riding, camping, birding, kayaking, fishing, and more. They also have a historic Heritage Farm and agricultural exhibits.

Does General Coffee State Park have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is only available in the park office at General Coffee State Park.

Does General Coffee State Park have sewer hookups?

Some camp sites feature sewer hookups at General Coffee State Park.

Who was General Coffee?

General John E. Coffee was a planter, U.S. Congressman, and military leader in the Georgia state militia.

Final Thoughts on Visiting General Coffee State Park

General Coffee State Park is a great place to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

Named after General John E. Coffee, this gorgeous park covers 1,500 acres and offers plenty of activities for everyone, from horseback riding to camping and outdoor amphitheaters.

With its lakeside lounging, trails and bike rides, and agricultural history, General Coffee State Park is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway or just a peaceful day with nature. With plenty of activities from fishing to geocaching, it’s easy to see why this is a popular state park in South Georgia.

Whether you bring your own boat, rent a kayak, or go horseback riding, General Coffee State Park has something to offer every visitor.

So embark on your outdoor adventure, and let General Coffee State Park show you the beauty of South Georgia.

Things to Do Near General Coffee State Park

Check out these itineraries for things to do near General Coffee State Park.

Ready to visit Douglas, Georgia? Plan your trip with these tips.



A Year of Georgia State Parks: General Coffee State Park

Have you visited General Coffee State Park in Nicholls, Georgia? Let me know about your visit in the comment section below!

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  1. I have never seen this much information about the park. When I lived in Douglas, my husband and I went there almost every weekend. It’s such a lovely place. I hope more people will attend now.

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