A Year of Georgia State Parks: General Coffee State Park

General Coffee State Park

Settle down, coffee lovers. This is not a park for coffee in general; it’s a park in honor of General John Coffee. And though it is not a coffee-centric theme park, it does have plenty to offer: 

Since my parents bought Kevin an annual Georgia State Parks pass, I’m mooching off of him and accompanying him to every state park that we can in a year. A fitting first use of this park pass is to his home-town state park.

General Coffee State Park

Coffee County citizens donated this park to the state in 1970 and it is named after General John E. Coffee,  a planter (not of coffee, unfortunately), U.S. Congressman and military leader in the Georgia state militia.

The General Coffee State Park covers 1,500 acres, including a 4 acre lake with canoe and pedal boat rentals, 4 miles of hiking trails, and 13.4 miles of horse riding trails. The park’s Heritage Farm is known for its agricultural history, which I’m sure made for field trips year after year in Kevin’s youth, and features log cabins, a corn crib, tobacco barn, cane mill and other exhibits of farming equipment. The farm livestock includes goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, horses and donkeys.

General Coffee State Park

The Seventeen-Mile River runs through the park. The cypress swamps are home to many rare and endangered species like Indigo Snakes and Gopher Tortoises, and from the boardwalk that winds through the swampy area you can get a close look at some carnivorous plants.

With 50 campsites and 7 other accommodations, this park is a popular spot for relaxing overnight stays.



What’s your favorite state park? Let me know in the comments!


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