3 Bars for a Fun Night Out in Valdosta, GA

Ashley Street Station

Recently, some of Kevin’s oldest childhood friends took us out for a wild night on the town in Valdosta, Georgia. Here are 3 Valdosta bars that come highly recommended by the locals:

Georgia Beer Co.

Georgia Beer Co.

Georgia Beer Co. is Georgia’s southernmost brewery and taproom located in downtown Valdosta, Georgia. Georgia Beer Co. crafts artisanal beer specializing in seasonal ales, stouts and IPAs. Kevin and I aren’t beer drinkers, so we went for their fruitiest option: the Raspberry Blonde. They have plenty of outside seating and card games and board games galore, including giant Jenga sets.

Georgia Beer Co.

Food trucks usually set up in the parking lot across the street so you have something to munch on while you drink.

Ashley Street Station

Ashley Street Station

Ashley Street Station, or ASS as our friends affectionately referred to it, is a dive bar for debauchery and live music. There is a cover charge, unlike the other bars we went to. Inside, they have pool tables set up in one room with an outdoor patio off of it and a bar and stage in the next room.

Rum Runner Sports Bar

Rum Runner Sports Bar

You go to Rum Runner Sports Bar for the karaoke. Rum Runners has over 35,000 karaoke songs to choose from rock, country, hip-hop, classic or contemporary; you want it, they’ve probably got it. Rum Runners also has trivia nights and a darts league, and you can practice your dart-throwing in the back of the bar.



Have any more Valdosta bar suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!


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