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Imagine Picasso: The Immersive Exhibition — Review

Step inside a Pablo Picasso painting at this imaginative immersive experience. Imagine Picasso: The Immersive Exhibition is a unique multi-media exhibit that allows you to see more than 200 Picasso artworks like never before. Check out my review of Imagine Picasso.

A special thanks to Imagine Picasso for providing us with VIP tickets to this experience in Atlanta! As always, all opinions are my own.

Imagine Picasso: The Immersive Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia

Imagine Picasso: The Immersive Exhibition is the only touring Picasso exhibit in the world. The experience was put together by Annabelle Mauger, the original creator of the first immersive Van Gogh exhibition that presented in France in 2008, and Jacob Cohl, VP of Experiential Exhibitions at S2BN Entertainment.

Mauger received permission from the Picasso Estate to put this one-of-a-kind exhibit together. Picasso’s own grandson believes that Picasso would have loved this exhibit since he was always using the latest technology to showcase his work.

This multi-media celebration of Picasso allows you to step inside the world and works of the master of modern art. The exhibit uses Image Totale© technology, light, and sound to bring the collection of 200+ Picasso paintings to life.

Imagine Picasso: The Immersive Exhibition

Imagine Picasso Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia

Your journey through Imagine Picasso begins in a gallery room displaying small pictures of all the paintings you’ll experience throughout the exhibition. The impressive collection of works details the titles, dates, and where the originals are displayed.

Imagine Picasso Exhibit in Atlanta, Georgia

The second room takes you through Picasso’s life and works with museum-like plaques and video projections on transparent screens. You’ll learn about Picasso’s Blue and Rose periods, his Cubism movement, his experiments with surrealism, and more.

In the final room, you’ll enter the main immersive experience.

Imagine Picasso Immersive Experience in Atlanta, Georgia

Picasso’s works are projected floor to ceiling and across various angled partitions, creating a kaleidoscope effect as his art moves across the room.

Imagine Picasso Immersive Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia

Unlike the Van Gogh exhibit that was previous displayed here at Pullman Yard, with Imagine Picasso, you don’t sit and watch. You are encouraged to walk around the space and take it in from all the different angles as the projection displays more than 200 pieces of Picasso’s works chronologically.

You’ll watch as Picasso’s styles change as he constantly reinvents himself. The angles and movement of the room allow you to get a different perspective of each image.

What To Know Before You Go

Imagine Picasso in Atlanta, Georgia

Imagine Picasso: The Immersive Exhibition has ended. Check back for updates on new locations!

Admission starts $22 for children ages 5-12; $29.90 for seniors, students, and military; and $31.50 for adults ages 13+. You can purchase VIP adult tickets, which includes a limited edition lithograph, flexible entry, a lanyard, a front-of-the-line pass, and a tote bag. Prices vary by day of the week and time of day that you book.

The entire experience will take about 60 minutes to walk through.

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Immerse Yourself in Picasso's Artwork at Imagine Picasso in Atlanta

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