Inside BODIES…The Exhibition

BODIES...The Exhibition

Just around the corner from the hustle and bustle of Atlantic Station’s variety of clothing stores, BODIES…The Exhibition lays bare the intricacies of the human body ready to be explored by the curious mind. 

My first date with Kevin was at Atlantic Station. So this year, for the 2nd anniversary of our first date, Kevin surprised me with a day doing the things we did on our first date (ice cream, shopping, Deadpool) and with something new: going to see bodies on display.

Going to see the BODIES exhibit has been on our Atlanta to-do list for a long time, so it was good to finally go and check that item off our list.

Visiting BODIES…The Exhibition

BODIES...The Exhibition

BODIES…The Exhibition displays over 200 real human bodies to allow an intimate view into the human anatomy. The bodies are preserved using the Polymer Preservation Process, which keeps the specimens from decaying. Many of the bodies are displayed out in the open without a glass case protecting them (of course, you should not touch the bodies).

The different dissections of the bodies highlight the different body systems, from the cleaned bones of the skeleton to open organs to the delicately separated circulatory system.

Because the specimens are bodies of real humans that have died from natural causes, the exhibit is able to explore a wide variety of medical issues, such as arthritis and lung cancer as well as things like medical implants.

While there are displays that tell you what you’re looking at, the audio guide is extremely helpful for appreciating the displays. Photography is not permitted in the exhibit. It took us about an hour to go through all the rooms, though it may take longer if the exhibit is crowded or if you want to take more time to read, listen, and observe.

We bought our tickets off of Groupon, which gave us a discounted rate for entry plus an audio guide. Normal ticket prices are $24 for adults, plus an extra $5 if you want an audio guide.

BODIES…The Exhibition is located in Atlantic Station. The museum is open Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. — 4 p.m.; Friday through Saturday 11 a.m. — 9 p.m.; and Sunday 12 p.m. — 6 p.m., with last entry being an hour before closing each day.



Have you seen BODIES…The Exhibition? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!


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