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When Is the Best Time to Visit Atlanta?

Planning a trip to Atlanta but aren’t sure when to visit? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with the best time to visit Atlanta for the best weather, cheapest prices, and fewest crowds.

There are a lot of factors to consider when planning to visit Atlanta. You have to take into account the weather, the crowds, the best prices, and what festivities are going on.

While it’s true that what you want to see and do will play a big part in deciding when to visit Atlanta, you’ll want to consider everything from weather to price. I’ve got all the tips for the best time to visit Atlanta, what to expect during each season, when the cheapest time to visit is, and what the weather is like throughout the year.

Downtown Atlanta Skyline from Westin Peachtree Plaza

The Absolute Best Time to Visit Atlanta

I think any time is a great time to visit Atlanta. But the absolute best time to visit Atlanta is in the spring.

Spring (March through May) in Atlanta has mild temperatures and pleasant weather with the occasional rain shower. It’s the second busiest season for tourism, so you won’t be fighting a ton of crowds. Many airlines and hotels also offer cheap flights and hotel deals.

During the spring, Atlanta is in full swing with festival season. The city is in bloom, the weather is generally nice, and there are so many things to do.

All the seasons have their high points, though, so check out my reasons for visiting Atlanta any time of the year below!

Why Visit Atlanta in the Spring

Piedmont Park in Spring

Spring is the start of festival season in Atlanta. Nearly every weekend, you can find a fun event to attend. Many of Atlanta’s most popular outdoor events are held during the spring, like the Atlanta Dogwood Festival and the Shaky Knees Music Festival.

This is also the perfect season to check out some of Atlanta’s best hiking spots. You can stay within the city limits and explore the popular BeltLine trails, or you can head outside the Perimeter to Sweetwater Creek State Park and other trails in the greater Atlanta area.

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Why Visit Atlanta in the Summer

Summer in Atlanta, Georgia

In the summer (June through August), Atlanta gets hot, but that just means more time for summer fun, and the city has lots of that!

There are still tons of festivals going on during the summer. But you may find that many of them go into the evening when the weather is cooler or are held indoors.

Atlanta has plenty of ways to escape the summer heat, or enjoy it to the fullest. The city’s top attractions, like the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola, offer air-conditioned fun. Meanwhile, Six Flags White Water and shooting the ‘Hooch are the perfect way to beat the heat. Some of Atlanta’s attractions, like Zoo Atlanta and the Atlanta Botanical Garden, are at their best during the summer.

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Why Visit Atlanta in the Fall

Sandy Springs in Fall, Atlanta, Georgia

Usually, Atlanta stays warm well into the fall months (September through November). When the leaves change, the city is doused in vibrant colors, but it doesn’t last long; blink and you’ll miss it! You’ll get to see the most of the color change by going hiking. The fall weather is perfect for a weekend hike!

During the fall, Atlanta has plenty of seasonal, spooky events with plenty of Southern Gothic charm. You can take a cemetery stroll through the Victorian-esque Historic Oakland Cemetery or try to make it out alive from Netherworld, Atlanta’s favorite haunted house.

In and around Atlanta there are tons of opportunities for pumpkin-picking, apple cider-drinking, partying, and enjoying the season.

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Why Visit Atlanta in the Winter

Winter in Atlanta, Georgia

Winter in Atlanta (December through February) is a magical season. Sure, the weather can be cold and wet, but the city’s festive cheer more than makes up for any dreariness.

Atlanta’s top attractions add some sparkle to their exhibits to lure you in. You might not think there’s much going on in a garden during winter, but the Atlanta Botanical Garden pulls out all the stops with their light displays. Atlanta even has a lot of outdoor ice rinks that pop up all over the city.

For winter hikes, you’ll want to head outside the city to Cloudland Canyon State Park where you can see gorgeous waterfalls flowing heavy with the mountain river runoff.

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When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Atlanta?

Atlanta, Georgia Skyline from the Jackson Street Bridge

Is your idea of the “best time” the cheapest time? I can totally get that! Atlanta can be a pretty expensive city to visit, and sometimes you just want to visit during the cheapest times.

No matter when you visit Atlanta, you can save a lot of money on attractions by buying the Atlanta CityPASS. This pass can save you up to 42% on admission prices to 5 of Atlanta’s top attractions.

When are the Cheapest Flights to Atlanta?

According to Skyscanner, the cheapest months to fly to Atlanta are March and April. But there are a lot of factors when finding the cheapest flights. Winter months, like January, may also be cheap because winter is the off-season for travel to Atlanta.

If you want a cheap vacation to Atlanta, avoid the summer months. May, June, and July are considered peak season for travelers to Atlanta, and flights are often more expensive.

When are Hotels in Atlanta Cheapest?

The cheapest time to book a hotel in Atlanta is during the off-season. This is usually fall, winter, and into spring. You’ll want to avoid weekends when there are big festivals or other events happening that may drive up the price. Holidays, like Christmas, will also drive up the price.

This means that you can usually find cheap hotels during March, which is also the cheapest time to fly to Atlanta and right on the cusp of Atlanta’s best weather. If you plan everything just right, you can create a perfect and budget-friendly trip to Atlanta!

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Best Time to Visit Atlanta FAQ

When is the best month to visit Atlanta?

The best month to visit Atlanta is in March. The weather has started to warm up (but the pollen isn’t out in full force yet), the flights and hotels are cheaper, there are fun festivals happening, and you can enjoy both the indoor attractions and the outdoor attractions that Atlanta has to offer.

What time of year is cheapest to go to Atlanta?

The cheapest time of year to visit Atlanta is in the beginning of the year. You can usually find the cheapest flights and hotels in Atlanta from January through April. The end of winter is Atlanta’s off-season, while the beginning of spring is the start of Atlanta’s shoulder season.

What is the best time to go through Atlatna?

If you’re just driving through Atlanta, the best time to travel through is very early in the morning (before 8 a.m.), very late at night (after 8 p.m.), or for a short window between about 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. (though it’s a little hit or miss sometimes).

What time of year is best to visit Georgia?

Spring and fall are the ideal times to visit Georgia. In the spring, you get warm, sunny weather and lots of festivals, plus the benefit of cheaper flights and hotels. In the fall, you get beautiful changing leaves, mild weather, and fun Halloween celebrations.

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When Is the Best Time to Visit Atlanta?

Did you find these tips on the best time to visit Atlanta helpful? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. We moved to the Atlanta area at the beginning of this year, so have experienced three of the four seasons! I love the photo in the fall. The trees are so beautiful!

  2. I love the photo of Atlanta in winter! I haven’t been in so long and the last time was actually for a sports tournament my brother was in. I’ll have to plan a trip back sometime.

  3. Atlanta looks awesome! Another city to add to my bucket list. I think you made me want to go in winter for the festive cheer.

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