Exploring Downtown Ellijay

Downtown Ellijay

Downtown Ellijay, Georgia has antique stores, local crafts, restaurants, creative murals, and plenty of southern charm.

On our recent cabin getaway weekend, we got out of the woods and explored all over Downtown Ellijay. We did some shopping, drank wine slushies, ate hot dogs, did even more shopping, and had a lot of fun with the beautiful murals around.

What to Do in Downtown Ellijay

We started off on N Main Street checking out some what Antiques on North Main had to offer in their small store before hopping over to Misty Hollow Antiques & Collectibles where I found two old Nancy Drew books to buy.

Mountain Treasures

Next up was Mountain Treasures where we were enticed by free wine samples and boozy slushies. The front of the store sells apparel, decor, art, and jewelry, while the back of the store offers free samples of locally made wine and wine slushies from Cartecay Vineyards. We all got slushies to cool us down in the Georgia heat. Kevin and I shared one of each of the three boozy slushies they had: a blueberry, a peach, and a pina colada flavored.

Mountain Treasures Slushies

You can drink your wine in the store or you can take it out back to the boardwalk. We opted for the boardwalk so we could sit and enjoy. The boardwalk connects the shops on N Main Street from the back, including a few restaurants, so this is the only place downtown you can walk around with alcohol.

When we finished our drinks, we then went for some lunch at MooBears Ice Cream & Hotdogs. They have 12 different kinds of hotdogs. I had the Bacon Ranch Hotdog, topped with tomatoes, bacon, and ranch dressing. It was really good and really filling.

MooBears Ice Cream & Hotdogs

Our next stop after lunch was The Outback Antiques and Collectibles. This antique mall is located inside a barn full of treasures.

On our walk back to the square, I just had to run across the street to snap a picture with the Kelsey Montague #WhatLiftsYou mural of colorful balloons painted on the side of Artful Ellijay‘s wall on River Street.

Artful Ellijay Mural

And since I was on a roll with the murals, I ran back over to the Downtown Ellijay Coca-Cola mural on N Main Street.

Downtown Ellijay

Our last stop was TJ & Co. Antiques with two stories full of collectibles.

After that, I think it’s safe to say we were pretty antiqued-out and were ready to head back to the cabin for some good ol’ mountain relaxation.

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What’s your favorite thing to do in Downtown Ellijay? Let me know in the comments!

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