Your Ultimate Bear Bucket List

Looking for places to see bears in zoos and in the wild?

Look no further!

Where to See Bears

For the Love of Bears

I imagine my love of bears began with a trip to Gatlinburg when I was little where, on a family stroll, we came across a bear. My mom, not heeding my dad’s advice to not move and stay calm, scooped up my brother and me and ran for her life. And I was there surely reaching out over her shoulder for the cuddly animal she so bafflingly was running from.

That coupled with the fact that I somehow coerced the daycare I attended to send my favorite teddy bears home with me resulted in a life-long obsession with bears.

And since I love bears, I love traveling, and I love lists, this seems like the perfect time to create a Bear Bucket List of all the bears I’ve seen. Check back regularly to see my progress! I will have links to my blog post about that specific trip so that you can learn more!

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