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15 Unique Travel Gift Ideas from Etsy [2024]

Etsy is one of the best places to shop for unique and meaningful gifts. And your purchase supports small business owners! If you’re looking for the perfect travel gifts for your globetrotter this year, check out these amazing finds on Etsy.

Etsy is my favorite place for finding unique, customizable, and meaningful presents you can’t get anywhere else. And they have no shortage of creative travel gift ideas perfect for every type of traveler on your list.

Gifts from Etsy

My Top 3 Picks: Etsy Travel Gifts

#1 Top Pick
Travel Journal

World Travel Journal

  • Dedicated space for every country
  • Fun pages to fill in
  • Perfect keepsake
#2 Pick
Wooden Europe Map

Push Pin World Map

  • Stylish wooden map
  • LED lighting option
  • Perfect housewarming gift
#3 Pick
Scratch-off map, Travel Wall Map Décor

Scratch-Off Bucket List

  • World, US, and National Park bucket list options
  • Hand drawn icons
  • Perfect Christmas gift

Travel Journal Gifts on Etsy

Travel Journal

A travel journal is the perfect keepsake. Get your traveler the gift of a journal where they can write down memories from their adventures. These travel journal gifts from Etsy are unique and customizable.

  • USA Travel Map Journal: This cool travel journal lets your traveler color in the map on the cover as they go. This is a great gift for traveling couples exploring the US.
  • Personalized Journal Diary: Help your traveler keep a detailed journal of all their adventures with these custom travel journals! These leather diary journals can be laser-engraved with your personalization. They have 112 lined pages for your traveler to fill up!
  • World Travel Journal: This journal has space dedicated to every country in the world. There are fun pages like travel timelines, bucket lists, color-in world map, and more.
  • Personalized Couple Bucket List Journal: This gift for couples has space for them to write down all the special memories they make together on their trips.
  • Pocket Travel Notebook: This mini travel journal comes with two pockets and one card sleeve. It makes it easy for your traveler to jot down notes while they’re on the go.

Shop more travel journal gift ideas on Etsy here.

Travel Décor Gifts on Etsy

Travel Decor with a sign that says Travel Is Good For the Soul

Help your traveler decorate their home with memories of their past travels. These travel décor items from Etsy are the perfect gifts for those looking to bring their travels home with them.

  • Push Pin World Map: This map allows your traveler to mark the countries they’ve traveled to with flag and airplane pins.
  • Departures Board Travel Print: Does your traveler love the look of the departures board at airports and train stations? Then they’ll love these prints! Get them customized with your traveler’s favorite destinations.
  • Personalized Globes: These small world globes are a great addition to spruce up any desk space. Get them customized with your traveler’s favorite travel quote.
  • Airport Code Throw Pillow: These cute throw pillows feature your traveler’s favorite destination’s airport code and look like a vintage luggage tag. The back of the pillow has a list of even more top world airport codes. There are over 300 airport code designs to choose from.
  • Scratch-off Bucket List: Adventure awaits your traveler with this scratch off world bucket list print.

Shop more travel décor gift ideas on Etsy here.

Travel Christmas Ornament Gifts on Etsy

Destination Christmas Ornament

What’s a better gift for the holiday season than a Christmas ornament? Help your travel-lover decorate the perfect wanderlust-inspired tree by gifting theme a cute travel ornament. There are tons of adorable travel ornaments on Etsy, from personalized gifts to something sleek and simple.

  • Passport Ornament: Get your frequent traveler a passport for their tree, personalized with their name and where they had to cross the border!
  • Country Cut-Out Ornament: You could get your traveler a metal cut-out of their favorite country or state with a heart in the middle. These ornaments are sleek, simple, and lightweight.
  • Heart-Shaped Map Ornament: Commemorate your traveler’s recent or upcoming trip with a vintage map of their destination folded into an adorable heart.
  • Travel Suitcase Ornament: A perfect keepsake, this suitcase ornament is well-traveled and features images from around the world.
  • Airplane Ornament: This simple metal airplane will make a sleek addition to any Christmas tree.

Shop more travel Christmas ornament gift ideas on Etsy here.

More Gift Ideas for Travelers

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15 Best Travel Gifts You Can Find on Etsy

What are your favorite travel gifts from Etsy that you’ve either gifted or received? Let me know in the comments!

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