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14 Travel Christmas Ornaments for Everyone on Your List

Still stuck on what to get the traveler in your life for Christmas this year? These unique travel-themed Christmas ornaments are the perfect gift!

You don’t have to travel far and wide to find the perfect Christmas gift for travel lover. Help that special someone memorialize past travels or create an entire travel-themed Christmas tree with a fun travel Christmas ornament.

Travel Christmas Ornaments

Perfect Travel-Themed Christmas Ornaments For Everyone on Your List

What better way to show someone you care than a unique and custom gift? Check out these handcrafted and personalized gifts below and let me know your favorites!

Personalized Travel Christmas Ornaments

Customized gifts are always best! That’s why it’s great that so many of these Christmas ornaments allow you to add a personal touch to your gift. Add a name, a date, a place, or just about anything you want to the personalized travel ornaments.

  • Directional Signs Ornament: Did your traveler take a lot of meaningful trips this year? Personalize these directional signs with their trip locations along with the date for a cute gift.
  • Travel Trailer Ornament: For the travelers who like to road trip across the country with a camper trailer in tow, you can customize this cute trailer with their names.
  • Passport Ornament: Get your frequent traveler a passport for their tree, complete with their name and where they had to cross the border!
Destination Christmas Ornament

Destination Christmas Ornaments

Does your traveler love one destination above all others? Or maybe you want to get them a gift that reminds them of home while they’re off celebrating Christmas across the world. Whatever the case, there are some perfect destination-specific ornaments that you can gift. Many of these gifts can be personalized as well!

  • Country Cut-Out Ornament: You could get your traveler a metal cut-out of their favorite country or state with a heart in the middle. These ornaments are sleek, simple, and lightweight.
  • Long-Distance Best Friends Ornament: Get your long-distance best friend this sweet ornament with your two states linked together. Just because you’re far away doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected!
  • Eiffel Tower Ornament: If your traveler loves Paris, then they’ll love this simple ball decorated with the Eiffel Tower. This seller has similar ornaments for other destinations like London, Hawaii, Mexico, and more.

Map and Globe Christmas Ornaments

Maps and globes are a staple of frequent travelers. So why not hang them on the tree as well? These map and globe ornaments are definitely going to inspire some wanderlust this holiday season. And, yes, many of them can be personalized!

  • Heart-Shaped Map Ornament: Commemorate your traveler’s recent trip with a map of their destination put in an adorable heart-shaped ornament.
  • Pendant Map Ornament: Get your traveler a map of their favorite place in this elegant pendant ornament.
  • European Map Ornament: This hand-crafted ornament is made from recycled maps and atlas pages and is constructed into an intricate flower-esque shape.
Globe Christmas Ornament

General Travel Christmas Ornaments

If you don’t know your traveler’s favorite destination, or can’t pick just one, you can go for an ornament with a general travel vibe. These ornaments are simple and sweet and go well on any tree. Many of these gifts can also be personalized!

  • Travel Suitcase Ornament: A perfect keepsake, this suitcase ornament is well-traveled and features images from around the world.
  • Adventure Awaits Ornament: This simple globe ornament comes in a choice of 4 colors with the words “adventure awaits” hand-lettered across.
  • Airplane Ornament: This simple metal airplane will make a sleek addition to any Christmas tree.
  • Backpack Ornament: This adorable backpack ornament is perfect for the outdoorsy traveler or across-the-world backpacker.
  • Passport Stamp Ornament: This simple ornament decorated with passport stamps is the perfect gift for the global traveler in your life.

More Christmas Gifts for Travelers

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Best Travel Christmas Ornaments: Gifts for Travel Lovers

Which travel Christmas ornament is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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