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Best Travel Décor for a Wanderlust Home

Travel Décor

Bring your travels home with you with some incredibly cute travel décor! You can decorate the perfect wanderlust-inspired home so you feel like the international citizen that you are even when you aren’t traveling. Check out these gorgeous pieces of travel décor that you need for your home!

Perfect Travel Décor For the World Traveler

What better way to remember all your fun travels than decorating your home with travel memorabilia? Etsy is my favorite place for finding unique, customizable décor that you can’t get anywhere else. And they have no shortage of creative travel décor ideas perfect for your wanderlust home!

Check out these beautiful décor items below and let me know your favorites! You can shop all my Etsy travel favorites here.

Travel Maps

Maps are a staple of frequent travelers. So it only makes since to decorate your home with fun custom maps, photo memory maps, and push-pin maps to mark where you’ve traveled. These travel maps are definitely a must-have for any wanderlust-inspired home.

  • 50 State Photo Map: Add your own photos to each state to commemorate a lifetime of travel memories and show off where all you’ve traveled.
  • Push Pin World Map: Mark the countries you’ve traveled to with flag and airplane pins. This 3D multilayered wooden map is the perfect addition to your home.
  • Travel Map Print: Commemorate a special trip with a loved one with this unique travel map print. Customize this wooden map print with any specific locations, your names, and a caption of your choice.
Travel Wall Map Décor

Travel Wall Art Décor

Maps aren’t the only wall art you can display in your travel-themed home. Vintage travel posters, travel prints, and wall signs are just a few great pieces of travel wall art to decorate your home with.

  • Retro Travel Posters: Decorate your space with minimalist retro travel posters featuring all your favorite destinations.
  • Scratch-off Bucket List: Scratch off all 80 of the bucket list destinations on this world bucket list scratch off print. Adventure awaits!
  • Departures Board Travel Print: Love the look of the departures board at airports and train stations? Then you’ll love these prints! Get them customized with your favorite destinations.
  • Travel Definition Print: Get this simple travel definition print so you never forget what it means to travel.

Table Top Travel Décor

Decorate your desk, shelves, or accent tables with travel décor that will really make the space pop. From globes to signs, these are the best table top travel decorations.

  • Personalized Globes: These small world globes are a great addition to spruce up your desk space. Get them customized with your favorite travel quote.
  • Wooden Travel Letters Sign: This cute wooden “travel” sign has letters made from maps and will look great on a shelf or desk.
  • New York Letters Decoration: This 3D printed “NY” sign with a hint of the New York City skyline is the perfect shelf decoration for any NYC lover.
Travel Throw Pillow with text Seek For Adventure

Travel Throw Pillows

Cozy up your home with the cutest travel throw pillows. You can rest your head on these pillows and dream of future vacations.

  • Passport Pillow: This adorable throw pillow looks like the front of a U.S. passport. You can get it in the standard blue or choose from green, gray, or pink.
  • Airport Code Throw Pillow: These cute throw pillows feature your favorite destination’s airport code and look like a vintage luggage tag. The back of the pillow has a list of even more top world airport codes. There are over 300 airport code designs to choose from.
  • Ready For Adventure Pillow Cover: Simple, elegant, and oh-so true. This cute little throw pillow cover reminds you to always look for the adventure in your life.
  • Personalized Travel Trailer Pillow: This adorable pillow featuring a travel trailer and the text “Home is where we park it” is perfect for any RV family. Get it customized with your names for added flair.

More Travel Gifts and Decorations

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Best Travel Décor for a Wanderlust Home

Which of these travel décor items is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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