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11 Creepy Haunted Places in Dahlonega, Georgia

With history dating back to the 1828 Gold Rush, it’s no wonder Dahlonega, Georgia has some ghost stories. What is today a quaint, charming small town was once a thriving mining community filled with liquor, violence, prostitution, and plenty of trouble. Take a look at some of the most haunted places in Dahlonega and see if you can find any ghosts.

This quaint mountain town has an admittedly violent past.

The Gold Rush in 1828 brought a crowd of settlers hoping to get rich, and to do so, they had to drive the Native Americans off their homeland. As the town of Dahlonega grew, so did the rough areas full of saloons and brothels. And then you have the Civil War to account for, though this mountainous backcountry was spared any actual fighting.

Dahlonega certainly has the troubled history that lends itself to hauntings.

Old Lumpkin County Courthouse, Dahlonega, Georgia

The Most Haunted Spots in Dahlonega

Dahlonega is home to an array of haunted spots, including the old courthouse, restaurants around the square, and old inns. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, you can find fascinating stories of spectral sightings and paranormal activities.

1. Jones-Leibel House

Grateful Days at the Jones-Leibel House, Dahlonega, Georgia

A Victorian mansion on North Chestatee Street on Dahlonega’s historic Square, the Jones-Leibel House, also sometimes called the Conner House, has a few resident ghosts. It may just be the most haunted house in Dahlonega.

The house was built in 1885 by Dr. Charles Hammond Jones who lived and practiced medicine there until his death. The succeeding owners maintained the home in its original Victorian condition though the tenants have continued to change throughout the years. Different shops and businesses have taken up rooms in the house, and each have experienced their own paranormal activity.

Some people have reported seeing the ghost of who they believe to be Dr. Jones. There is a ghost of a young boy named Joseph who like knocking artwork to the floor. The ghost of a girl named Annie is thought to have moved in from the building next door when it was torn down.

During a 2018 investigation, Dahlonega Paranormal Investigator reported a very negative energy in the attic, though they weren’t sure who it was. The paranormal team also made contact with a young ghost named Adam, who they believe is the boy that has been seen peeping on ladies in the second floor restroom.

2. Old Lumpkin County Courthouse

Old Lumpkin County Courthouse, Dahlonega, Georgia

The Old Lumpkin County Courthouse, which now houses the Dahlonega Gold Museum, was originally built in 1836, right near the start of Dahlonega’s Gold Rush boom.

The courthouse is said to be haunted by a tall figure in a hooded robe that the staff refer to as Tommy. People have sighted Tommy in the courthouse windows and on the balcony.

He’s also been known to cause knocking within the courthouse walls and even turn on the small model of the stamp press, which makes a startling loud pounding noise, all by himself.

3. Grapes & Ghosts Tasting Room

Grapes and Ghosts Tasting Room, Dahlonega, Georgia

The street that Grapes & Ghosts Tasting Room is located on used to be the rough part of Dahlonega, lined with saloons and brothels. The building that Dahlonega Walking Tours and their Grapes & Ghosts Tasting Room inhabit now is haunted by some ladies of the night known as Jake’s Girls.

Dahlonega Walking Tours gives a great ghost tour where you can learn all about the Jake’s Girls hauntings and the other mysterious entities in the building. Jake’s Girls have been known to knock on the walls and move objects.

Meanwhile, one of the tour operators had to close off a bathroom because a dark figure lurked in the creepy crawlspace behind it.

4. Historic Holly Theater

Historic Holly Theater, Dahlonega, Georgia

The Historic Holly Theater was constructed as a movie theater in 1948, but by the 1970s, it had completely closed down.

It sat in ruin until 1993 when the town worked to restore the building and open it as a theater for plays and live performances.

Ghosts seem to love a good performance. There have been reports of the spirit of a little girl, a tall man, phantom audience members, and plenty of shadowy figures.

5. Price Memorial Hall

Price Memorial Hall, University of North Georgia, Dahlonega, Georgia

Price Memorial Hall is an administrative building for the University of North Georgia that sits where the old U.S. Mint once was. The foundation of the building belonged to the mint and dates back to 1836, making this the oldest building on campus.

Surprisingly, it isn’t the basement of this building that’s haunted but rather the belfry.

The Dahlonega gold-covered steeple harbors some dark energy at the very top of this historic building.

6. Vickery House

Vickery House, Dahlonega, Georgia

The Vickery House is now the home of the UNG Appalachian Studies Department, but students are discouraged from staying past dark at the old home.

Apparently, the former tenant Mrs. Vickery needs some time to herself. After putting up with strange occurrences for a while, the administration struck a deal with the spirit — the school gets the building during the day and Mrs. Vickery gets the home at night.

Now, if a student stays late, they may be treated to the scowling presence of Mrs. Vickery standing in the doorway.

7. Worley Homestead

Worley Homestead, Dahlonega, Georgia

The Worley Homestead was built in 1845. A few years ago it operated as a historic bed & breakfast, but now it is a private residence (so be sure to give them and the ghosts their space).

When it was operating as a B&B, a photo taken for their marketing turned up a concerning image: in one of the rooms, there appeared to be a man laying on the bed.

Paranormal investigators believe this to be the ghost of a teenage boy that records show passed away there; he had been hit by a train, lost his arm in the accident, and died as a result of the injury in the home.

8. Hall House Hotel

Hall House Hotel, Dahlonega, Georgia

Hall House Hotel is one of the oldest buildings on the Square, and it’s had a history as a private residence, a boarding house, and apartments for UNG students.

The hotel, as well as the Bourbon Street Grille restaurant and the art galleries that share space in the building, has had its fair share of paranormal activity.

Your best chance of a ghostly encounter may be to stay in Sara’s Room. When the hotel’s owner was renovating the third floor room, he found a walking stick engraved with the name Sara in the walls. He accidentally broke the stick and took it home to repair it.

The guest who stayed in the room following the renovation, who would have had no knowledge of the stick, told the owner that something had been taken from the room and needed to be returned immediately. The hotel owner returned the stick to the room where it is now displayed in a shadow box.

9. The Old Crimson Moon

The Crimson Moon, Dahlonega, Georgia

The Crimson Moon was a dive bar that was great for Southern food and intimate live music. Now, the building at 24 N Park Street is empty, and until a new owner moves in, you won’t be able to get up close and personal with the paranormal.

This building’s most encountered spirit is that of a little girl in a white dress, and she’s usually only seen by children.

But just because adults don’t usually see her doesn’t mean they haven’t hear her. She liked to mess with the restaurant staff by knocking on the doors.

10. Zen Ramen & Bento

Zen Ramen and Bento, Dahlonega, Georgia

The building that Zen Ramen & Bento is in used to be the old City Hall and government offices in the 1960s.

For this reason, the basement is outfitted with a couple jail cells.

It’s likely a former prisoner is still living out their jail sentence in the afterlife. A visit to the basement cells leaves people with a dark, oppressive feeling.

11. Mount Hope Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery, Dahlonega, Georgia

Mount Hope Cemetery is a pre-Civil War cemetery just a short walk from Dahlonega Square. The cemetery is known for its “slot and tab” grave markers or “box” tombs, a type of grave that is unique to a small part of North Georgia, southeast Tennessee, and southwest North Carolina.

This cemetery is a hotspot for finding Civil War ghosts. Many people report seeing spirits dressed in uniform, a hooded lady, and even children throughout the cemetery.

When taking pictures in the cemetery, check your photos for glowing orbs, strange mist, and shadowy figures. As you wonder the cemetery, you’ll probably get the feeling that you aren’t alone.

Bonus: Auraria Ghost Town

Auraria Ghost Town outside of Dahlonega, Georgia

Auraria is the Gold Rush’s forgotten ghost town.

For a short time, this was the real boomtown, with thousands of miners moving in and turning a one-cabin town into a thriving settlement with hotels, general stores, and taverns. This only lasted a short time before Dahlonega was determined to be a better spot to build on, and most of the community and businesses moved northward.

While there aren’t any reports of hauntings, the ghost town is still an eerie shell of its former glory. All that remains of Auraria today are a few abandoned buildings, including the General Store that was remained open until 1997.

Haunted Dahlonega Map

Ready to explore these haunted places in Dahlonega? Use the map below to plan out your own Dahlonega ghost tour!

Put on your bravest face, grab a flashlight, and get ready to explore haunted Dahlonega, Georgia!

Dahlonega Ghost Tour

Want to see these haunted Dahlonega sights on a guided ghost tour?

We took a ghost tour from Dahlonega Walking Tours and highly recommend it!

They offer a Historic Ghost Tour, a Grapes and Ghosts Wine Tour, and a Boos and Brews Pub Crawl.

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10 Creepy Haunted Places in Dahlonega, Georgia

What are your favorite haunted spots in Dahlonega, Georgia? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Years ago, I was in Dahlonega in a gift shop on the corner, downtown but I can’t remember the name of it. I was told that it used to be a dorm for girls that went to school there, the building caught fire & some of the girls passed away. Then it was Ford Motor Co.. I started walking down the stairs to the basement & half way down, something lightly tapped me several times on the top of my head. I looked all around & there were no fans or holes above my head. When I got downstairs, I told one of the workers behind the counter about it & she said the same thing happens to her. She said they thought it was maybe one of the girls that perished in the fire. It didn’t frighten me but made me feel a little strange.

  2. Wow this was so interesting! I love a good ghost story and learning about the prior inhabitants of a space. Thanks for sharing this! Will have to add this town to my list of haunted places to visit.

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