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How Does Tinggly Work? Step-by-Step Guide

Have you been wondering how Tinggly experience gift boxes work? I’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide!

Tinggly is a unique company that specializes in experience gift boxes and e-vouchers for adventures all around the world. As the gift-giver, you get to choose a themed box full of experiences to give. As the gift-receiver, you can choose from hundreds of experiences all over the world.

But how does Tinggly work? I’ve been both a Tinggly gift-giver and a Tinggly box receiver, so I can show you exactly what to expect in this step-by-step guide.

Tinggly Premium Collection and Merry Christmas Gift Boxes in front of the Atlanta skyline

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Why Use Tinggly Gift Boxes?

Tinggly gift boxes are easy gifts to give, and give the receiver a lot of options.

As travelers, we like gifts that can enhance our explorations. But sometimes giving money for travel just feels too impersonal (even though that’s mostly what all travelers want!).

So instead, you can use Tinggly to gift an experience, even when you don’t know exactly what experience your traveler might want. It’s more personal, but still offers a lot of flexibility. This is why I think Tinggly boxes are some of the best gifts for travelers!

Tinggly Premium Collection, Be My Valentine, and Merry Christmas Gift Boxes

What is a Tinggly Gift Box?

Tinggly is a gift box full of amazing experiences. Essentially, it’s a gift card.

You can send Tinggly as a physical gift box or as an e-voucher. Either way, your traveler will receive a voucher code that they can redeem for an experience included in the curated Tinggly box you picked out.

The experiences range from attraction tickets and walking tours to hot air balloon rides and hotel getaways. And there are activities available all over the world.

Tinggly By My Valentine Gift Box

How to Give a Tinggly Gift Box: Step-by-Step

Thinking of giving a Tinggly gift box? Here’s how to use Tinggly as the gift-giver.

Step 1: Choose the Tinggly Gift Box

Tinggly Website showing the listing page for buying a box

Go to and browse their Gift Collections or Hotel Stays. If you’re searching for a specific occasion, like a wedding present, you can look under their Occasions section. Either way, you’ll find a list of curated boxes.

Click on any boxes that sound like something your traveler would enjoy. I recommend the Bucketlist box, which is good for everyone, or the Adventure Awaits box, which is their low-cost option.

Take a look at the experiences included in the box; the experiences included are roughly the value of what you pay for the box. Use the location search function to see if there are experiences in places you know they may travel to.

Step 2: Send the Tinggly Gift Box

Tinggly Website showing the check-out page for buying a box

Once you’ve decided on a gift box, click Add to cart.

You’ll choose to either send as an eVoucher (more eco-friendly and faster, great for last-minute gifts) or send as a gift box (gives them the thrill of something to open, and can be wrapped if you get it delivered to yourself first).

Fill out the recipient’s name, your name, and a message to include on the voucher.

Be sure to include any discount codes (Remember to use code PAIGE20 for 20% off experience gift boxes and getaway gifts through June 23, 2024). Then finish checking out.

Your traveler will receive a prepaid voucher, either in the physical box or as an e-card.

There’s no expiration date, so they can redeem their gift at any time! They’ll book the experience and be on their way to another adventure!

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How to Redeem a Tinggly Gift Box: Step-by-Step

Have you received a Tinggly gift box? Here’s how to redeem a Tinggly gift that you’ve received.

Step 1: Open the Box or eVoucher

Tinggly Merry Christmas Box in front of a decorated Christmas tree

Once you receive your Tinggly gift box, you’ll slide the box out of its cute sleeve, open it up, and find your voucher and personalized message inside. Underneath will be a booklet all about your Tinggly gift.

Your voucher code will be securely hidden under the barcode tab that says Tear & Lift. Lift up that tab to find a QR code you can scan and a code you can type in. Scan the code or go to to type in the code.

If you received an eVoucher, you’ll simply open up the email and find your personalized message and your code, both a QR code and one you can type in. You’ll also scan or go to

Step 2: Choose Your Experience

Tinggly Website showing the experiences included in a gift box

Once you’ve redeemed your experience by entering your code, you’ll be able to book an experience. Yay!

You can search experiences by number of participants and location.

Click on experiences that sound interesting. You’ll be taken to a page that explains all about the experience, including things like duration, what’s included, and what to expect.

When you’ve decided on one you like, fill out the number of participants, select a date and time, and click Book now.

You’re on your way to another adventure!

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Best Tinggly Gift Boxes

Need a little inspiration on what gift to give? Here are the best-selling gift boxes!

  • Adventure Awaits — the basic gift box, perfect for a small gift as it’s the cheapest
  • Bucketlist — their top-seller for good reason, it’s perfect for everybody
  • Premium Collection — the classic gift box with a nice range of experiences
  • Taste the World — the best gift box for foodies
  • Perfect for Him — the best gift box for the man in your life, full of manly experiences
  • Perfect for Her — the best gift box for the woman in your life, full of experiences she’ll love
  • Fun Together — the best gift box for couples or for your significant other
  • Merry Christmas — a classic Christmas gift
  • Once in a Lifetime — the ultimate gift box with dreamy luxury experiences

Father’s Day Discount: Get 20% off all experience gift boxes and getaway gifts using code PAIGE20 through June 23, 2024.

the back of the Tinggly By My Valentine Gift Box

How Does Tinggly Work FAQ

What is a Tinggly Experience Gift Box?

A Tinggly Experience Gift Box is a curated collection of hand-picked experiences from around the world. It allows the recipient to choose from a wide range of adventures, ensuring they have the freedom to select an experience that aligns with their interests.

How does Tinggly work?

Gift-givers purchase a Tinggly gift box, which can be delivered either as an e-voucher or a physical box. The recipient then browses and selects an experience from Tinggly’s extensive list, and books it directly through the Tinggly platform.

Can I choose specific experiences to include in the gift box?

Tinggly’s gift boxes are pre-curated to provide a diverse selection of experiences. While you can’t choose specific activities to include, the wide range of options ensures there’s something for everyone.

Do the experiences have an expiration date?

No, all Tinggly experiences have lifetime validity. This means that there’s no rush for the recipient to choose and enjoy their adventure.

Can the recipient share their experience with someone else?

Yes, many experiences are designed for two people, allowing the recipient to share the adventure with a friend or loved one.

Is Tinggly environmentally conscious?

Yes, Tinggly is committed to sustainability. They offer eco-friendly options, such as e-vouchers and recyclable physical boxes. Additionally, Tinggly removes plastic from the environment through their partnership with Plastic Bank.

How quickly can I receive a Tinggly gift box?

E-vouchers can be sent instantly, while physical boxes typically arrive within 1-5 business days, depending on the location. It’s the perfect last-minute gift!

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Final Thoughts: How Does Tinggly Work?

Tinggly is such an easy gift — both to give and receive. The streamline the process so that you can give the perfect personalized gift (even last-minute!) and get your traveler on their way.

With no expiration date and a wide range of activities available, Tinggly is the perfect gift for any occasion.

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How Does Tinggly Work? Step-by-Step Guide

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