Fernbank After Dark Review

Fernbank After Dark

Drinks and dinosaurs! Kevin and I enjoyed the sold-out premier of the Fernbank After Dark series, happening the 2nd Friday of each month. 

Fernbank Museum of Natural History kicked of its debut Fernbank After Dark event last Friday. This event is just for adults 21+ to experience the fun of science along with some drinks, tapas, movies, and live music.

This month’s theme was Night at the Science Fair. With drinks in hand, we were transported back to our grade-school science fair days of making dry ice bubbles, making the most aerodynamic paper airplanes, trying to balance books inches above the table on one sheet of folded paper, launching Alka-Seltzer rockets, and dropping eggs without cracking them.

Fernbank After Dark

We were also able to wander through the museum’s permanent and rotating indoor exhibits, which was perfect since neither of us had been to the museum before. The Argentinosaurus and Giganotosaurus loomed over us as we waited in line for drinks from the Mesozoic Bar. Then we took A Walk Through Time In Georgia, exploring the state’s different geographic regions and the dinosaur gallery. We flew into the eye of a hurricane and created tornado’s in the special Wild Weather exhibit. We finished the night Sensing Nature, playing with optical illusions and dazzling our senses.

Since the event is brand new, there are still a few kinks to be worked out, such as the unnecessarily long wait for drinks and food. But this fun education extravaganza is sure to be a hit. Don’t miss March 10 for the Science of Spirits and April 14 for Engineering and Technology.



What’s your favorite science museum? Let me know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Fernbank After Dark Review

  1. Thanks for joining us, Paige. We have a new plan in place to address the lines for food and drink – hope you’ll join us again at a future event!

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