3 South Georgia Roadside Attractions

Lakeland, Milltown Murals

Roadside finds can spruce up any roadtrip, and the drive from Atlanta to South Georgia could use a little more excitement. Lucky for you, I’m good at finding roadside attractions to break up a long drive! 

Home-Made Statue of Liberty and Liberty Bell – McRae, GA

Home-Made Statue of Liberty and Liberty Bell

In 1986, the Lions Club of McRae celebrated the Statue of Liberty’s 100th anniversary by building a replica of the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell. Made from recycled materials, this Mini Lady Liberty stands 1/12 to scale. Her head was carved of a stumped pulled from a swamp, her arm of Styrofoam, and her hand of an electrician’s glove. But she looks so pretty, you’d never know. The Liberty Bell replica was re-purposed from the old town fire bell, which they cracked themselves.

Confederate Nuclear Missile – Cordele, GA

Confederate Nuclear Missile

When I-75 opened, the town of Cordele wanted a landmark that was eye-catching and would draw in motorists. The local Rotary Club was able to convince the US Air Force to donate the missile, and the town’s unique landmark was erected in 1968. The missile sits on “Confederate Air Force Pad No.1.”

Milltown Murals – Lakeland, GA

Lakeland, Milltown Murals

Lakeland is a Georgia Historic City of Murals. But before it was Lakeland, it was the Roaring 20s and the city was known as Milltown. In 1998, 73 years after the name changed, Ralph Waldrop and Billy Love painted the first murals commemorating life-sized figures of local citizens from the 1925 era of Milltown. As you drive the main streets, you’ll find Milltown’s residents reading newspapers, chatting, and waiting for the train, and it’s a comfort to know that no matter how much older you get, the people in this town will always stay the same.



What’s your favorite roadside find? Let me know in the comments!


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